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Different Kind Of Vehicles Filed On Form 2290

So truckers, how are you doing today? Did you know you could file various types of vehicles through form 2290? Well, that is the topic of our blog today. We are going to tell you how exactly you can make use of the form to file other types of vehicles other than taxable vehicles.

However, to start with, we will talk about taxable vehicles. Continue reading

Pay Your Dues Online Using The Following Methods

With the season for the year 2014-15 ending successfully, we take the pleasure to thank our taxpayers for investing the trust and the belief in Tax2290.com, a prime product of ThinkTrade Inc. We had received an overwhelmed response from new and existing customers and we wish to maintain the same association each tax season.

Before we move with the topic of the blog, lets brush our knowledge about form 2290 aka HVUT: Continue reading

Introduction to Tax2290.com

Welcome back truckers, today we are going to talk about our prime product Tax2290.com. We have made our existence since 2007 and contented for what we are today. With every support and possible implementation by our team, we have succeeded in showcasing our strength, applauding early filers and providing the world best customer support.

When we talk about taxes, HVUT stands strong in its place. Importance of filing taxes on time is spreading like flame in the farm among the filers. Continue reading

The Hero Of Snowstorm, Bret Houston

Welcome back truckers. Winters have been the most pleasant season and the kids look forward for the snow, making iceman on the porch, ice skiing with family, throwing jumbo ice balls on friends, making memories. However, the recent snowstorm hitting the nation has shaken up everyone and still people are making their way towards home, some still stuck in school and workplace, grocery shop. Phone lines are jammed like the traffic on road and, the frozen sheet of ice and snarling highways make them wonder how they would over cross this hurdle. Continue reading

A Gratitude Filled Salutation For Our Truckers To Make Our Small World Worth It!

With the winter slipping into our world, snow is dominating the roads than what your rigs are supposed to be doing now. Sometimes, we’re so bind with work, we really don’t have enough time other than making deliveries, filling in the log book and of course resting. However, the dedication and the affection you own for the nation cover it up, making it look pretty that even if you miss something, it does not make a big difference. Nation comes first, and that is the best part of being a trucker.

You know what impresses us the most about you truckers is the passion for  trucking that runs in the blood. We will tell you how. The other day, we were at the beach, chilling after a hectic week. From a distance, we saw some kids playing, building castles and their mums were around to have an eye on their toddlers. In no time, we saw a small boy, moving half the size of his truck filled with mud, making his way towards the mud castle. Everyone looked at him and he announced, “I will become like my dad, hard working and passionate about what I do”. It left us speechless, stunned by the thought. He was small to decide about his career but he did.  Continue reading

What Are the Dangers of Gas Tank Leaks? Here’s the Answer

Hello truckers, greeting from ThinkTrade Inc. Sometimes we think what would be our blog without you? We would hardly have any visitors, any comments or feedback’s… In short, we would be left deserted in the virtual world. So here comes again, we thank you for your support and love you have showered us all the while.

The rate of accidents has rapidly increased and here in this blog we shall talk about the dangers of Gas Tank Leaks. According to the recent study, U.S. Fire Departments and National Fire Protection Association responded to an average of 287,000 vehicle fire each year, causing an average of 480 deaths in civilians. However, driving with leaking fuel tanks in big rigs and buried heating units pose a huge safety risk to drivers and families because of the flammability of the fuel. Continue reading

Types and Uses of Truck Mud Flaps

Irrespective of the climatic condition, trucking is one such industry, which never halts. If it does, the outcome is not so beautiful to discuss here. Today, we are going to talk about mud flaps or splash guards, better known as mud guards. They do play a significant role for trucks as they roll on big wheels and ride higher than most cars on the road. These mud flaps saves your vehicle from flying rocks, mud or other debris which are tossed on them due to the humongous rotating tires. Apart from trucks, even cars and pedestrians are likely to drive safe, sharing the road.

Picking up mud flaps for your pickup truck or SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) is more like a deal for your truck, a savior and of course one step away from dirt. However, the flaps are made out of different varied material, serving their own purposes. Always remember, it is essential that these flaps are attached correctly as if they tend to slip of the truck; it is dangerous for other motorists and pedestrians.

Types of Truck Flaps Are Mentioned Below:

  • Heavy Duty Rubber:

This type is one of the most common types of truck flaps. They come with straight self design or slightly curved shaped to fit well according to the frame and the wheel manufactured. Straight or rectangular shaped flaps are universal and thus the demand for these is also high. Although they fit in every truck, it is good to be sure about the make and the model of your vehicle before zeroing down to an option. It can make your task easy, indeed.

  • Molded Plastic Flaps:

On the other hand, Molded Plastic Flaps are designed with more specification while comparing with Heavy Duty Rubber flaps. To make it more personalized, you have the option of customizing it your way by painting it as per your truck’s color, fender and vehicle wheels. However, if you want to own one of them, you need to place the order along with your make, year and model of your truck. This type of plastic molded flaps will highlight your truck with its own overall design.

  • Stainless Steel:

Other than heavy duty rubber and molded plastic flaps, stainless steel flaps has its own set of advantages. They seem to be the perfect material for truck flaps as they are quite resistant from staining and yeah, rust!

Aluminum Diamond plate flaps is altogether a different story. This type of mud guards is a combination of Heavy Duty Rubber and Aluminum. The main purpose of Aluminum is to weigh down the dust, mud and other particles, (which are basically light weighted) and does not fly back when you’re on road, essentially thrashing the point of having mud flaps. To attach these types of flaps usually requires larger bolts or rivets.

However, there are more flaps out there but mentioning them here would be like a novel reading rather than article. Make sure you go with the best flap, according to your requirement, fit in your truck and experience the difference.

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