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List of ThinkTrade Inc’s Services – You Need This Month!

ListThinkTrade Inc is authorized and certified by IRS to offer e-filing services for federal excise and extension taxes. There are various Tax Forms, Supported by ThinkTrade Inc under the banner of www.taxexcise.com / www.ExtensionTax.com / www.tax2290.com . One can say for sure that there are no months without some or the other tax deadline. Right now we are in the month of April and we know that there is a huge list of tax Forms that are due this month.


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Forms due by this Month with Think Trade’s Line of Products

www.taxexcise.com, a product of Think Trade Inc., A BBB accredited, IRS authorized E-file service provider for all kinds of Excise taxes like Form 2290, Form 720, Form 8849 etc. The following article describes about the Tax Forms that are due by January 31st 2016. Continue reading

Error in IFTA Rates Published by the State of Georgia

Do you own a commercial vehicle that moves beyond your state? If yes, you are liable to file IFTA return through your base jurisdiction. For smooth filing of this tax, you should have IFTA license and this quarterly tax return is to be filed in accordance with the gallons of fuels used by motor carriers and the charges differ for all U.S states under the IFTA jurisdiction, published every quarter. In simple words, this IFTA tax involves the total gallons of fuel you purchased from states under the IFTA jurisdiction.
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