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Tax Support By Our Experts Even During The Weekends

So truckers, how are you keeping these days. How is the tax filing season coming up from your end? Have you filed your tax return yet or still waiting for a miracle? Well, we cannot assure you about miracles, but if you don’t file your tax return by the end of August 2015, you may land up with late filing penalties. And if you want to avoid all of it, then come over and efile form 2290 online with utmost ease and receive your schedule 1 copy in minutes. And weekend is the only days you file yourself free from your rigs and commitment, don’t worry. This season we have our customer support available during the weekends too. So don’t hesitate to come over and get your tax return filed. Continue reading

Efiling 2015-16 Queries Addressed for Our Loyal Customers

Since the tax season 2015-16 has already dropped into our calendars, we see, many customers are coming online and trying a hand in filing form 2290, however, some of them are stuck with the unwiring questions surrounded. So here comes few set of questions to let you going till the weekend. Continue reading

30th April Stands As The Due Date For IFTA, Excise And HVUT filers

April is the month of due dates and there are not many due dates you need to remember. However, there are different forms you have to remember. One of the important form is for excise tax filers to get their excise tax filed through form 720. This quarterly filed federal excise tax is filed by the end of each quarter to avoid penalties and interest. The first quarter of the year, 30th April is not too far from our calendar and that reminds us that you have to file your tax return by the due date.

Excise tax is applicable for business or providing sales of goods and services of any of the listed products in form 720. The tax is included in the goods purchased by the customers like gasoline for your car. When you pump fuel in your car or buy flight tickets, you are paying for the service offered, which includes the tax rate as well. Continue reading

Do You Know What Happens When You File HVUT Late?

When we count on the exceptions, there are handful of them, however, heavy vehicles with a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more, using the public highway are mandatory to file and pay tax as per the federal regulations. Today, at our blog, we are going to talk about the scenarios you would face if you don’t file form 2290 for your taxable highway vehicle. Continue reading

Efile Your Form 2290 Through The Following Mediums

Today at ThinkTrade Inc., we are going to talk about the methods to efile, through various mediums.

Form 2290, the application to file and report heavy vehicle used tax can be filed through only two major methods i.e. paper filing and another is efiling. However, efiling is again sub divided into three other methods, which is the topic of discussion today. Before we start, a small introduction about efiling is surely a requirement. Continue reading

File First Time Used Vehicles Online At Tax2290.com

So fellow truckers, how are you doing? Did you bring your new truck on road recently? Well, welcome to the league. It is a routine for truckers and owner operators to file form 2290 for the newly bought vehicles on the road. Considering, how hectic job is for busy truckers for each month, rushing to the IRS office and submitting your tax return at the last minute and waiting for your acknowledgment receipt is indeed tedious. Continue reading

Celebrating Due Date Week For Tax 2290, IFTA And Excise Tax At Thinktrade

Working upon our schedule is now a routine and thus, breaking free from the schedule was almost a motive here at ThinkTrade. And that made us wonder, if at all we can celebrate “Due Date Week”.  The sole purpose to celebrate Due Date Week is to set a benchmark for our fellow filers to remember and efile their tax return by this week, and relish the idea of celebration.

What is the Due Date Week all about? Continue reading

Features Applicable After You Efile With Tax2290.com

The New Year fever is dripping down. Let’s get working! Last week, our post was about full service option for filers, who are ripped with their busy schedule and really have no time to stand along with the crowd and report IRS tax forms.

Although, we know efiling is the method that can let you avoid penalties and wastage of time, there are people across the globe who wishes to choose paper filing as their method of filing. Of course, the decision lies within you and we duly respect that. However, we are here to provide you with options, a better alternative and various opinions for a better tomorrow. Continue reading

Efile Your Tax Return On Your Terms With Full Service Option

Each time we answer our customers through chat, email or phone call, our customers tend to ask us “Can you Efile tax on my behalf? I’m kind of running late.”

 Well, the answer is a big YES. ThinkTrade has furnished its product with a variety of features and one among them is Full Service Option. Keep reading we will tell you more about this particular feature. Continue reading