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Predictions for 2015 from Women In Trucking

As we ring in a new year, it’s time to look ahead to 2015 and the positive and negative challenges we will be facing as an industry. While many of these are beyond our control (oil prices!), there are some that beg for change in both attitude and current practices.

Let’s look at some top issues for 2015 and how we can end the year in a better position for 2016.
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Form 720 Excise Tax- Air Transportation Taxes

So filers, we are going to talk about the Air transportation tax that is included in Excise Tax (part-I). The tax included in the list is percentage tax and domestic segment tax. To get the total tax on transportation of people by air, you need to add the percentage and domestic segment tax. However, do note, the percentage and the domestic segment tax do not apply on the flight if the surtax on the fuel used in a fractional ownership program aircraft is imposed. Continue reading

Stay Reliant On Full Service Option At

So filers, how is trucking treating you? With a new month dropping into our calendars, it is important to note, December end would be the due date for filing for the new vehicles. Ensure you file your prorated tax by the due date or you will be liable to pay penalties for the same. Continue reading