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Increase in the Number of Tax Returns – IRS Published Reports

The tax filing season for this New Year has already begun and like before there is no way you can escape from filing tax returns. Yes, you can file later but with hefty penalties charged by the IRS. Therefore, it is always advisable to pay your tax dues on time and be in the good books with the IRS. Moreover, you have the option to file from the comfort and convenience of your home and office, thus saving you from the troubles of visiting the IRS office. According to a report presented by the IRS, there has been an increase in the number of tax filers filing tax returns this year. Reading further can help you get more insights on the number of returns filed along with the various ways tax filers filed the tax returns. Continue reading

An Introduction to

Hello truckers, today we would like to introduce our product, This website is a job portal for truckers, who are looking for a job or looking for a change, we provide it all. Knowing well about the lifestyle truckers follow, it is not so easy to understand it until and unless you step into their own shoes. The hurdles they cross, the love they share and the passion they carry with their heads high is simply outstanding, which makes us wonder at times. Continue reading

Join Hands With Long Haul Trucking Schools For A Secure Future

Hello truckers, hope you’re doing fine and in pink of health. Today we would be talking about trucking school and the benefits you deserve. If you like the concept of ideal employment, revolving around open roads, traveling, competitive pay and basking in flexible and stable lifestyle, you may want to try and consider becoming a long hauling truck driver.

There are number oflong hauling trucking schools that prepare eager and efficient truckers, who enjoy being behind the wheels and looking forward for an exciting and liberating career field. By understanding these trucking schools and the benefit their offer to adorn their graduates with, you can always take a chance to decide if trucking would be the right vocation for you and which school would help you in achieving your set goals. Continue reading

Becoming an Owner-Operator

Many professional drivers dream about owning their own tractor. For many, it’s a way to have more control over their schedule, but for others it’s more about the pride of ownership. Either way, the difference between moving from company driver to owner-operator involves more than a name change on the vehicle title.

An owner-operator is no longer a professional driver as much as he or she is a business owner. Instead of making a phone call to your carrier when your tire is flat, you make a phone call to a repair shop, and that involves a credit card number. In fact, nearly everything you do as an owner-operator requires a credit card or a healthy checking account.

The challenge is in managing more than your schedule; you now need to manage the business side of the operation as well. Joe Robinson, author of “Work to Live,” identified a list of characteristics shared by the most successful entrepreneurs. Using a University of Maryland study by J. Robert Baum and Edwin Locke, the researches found the following seven traits successful business owners share.

Tenacity, or determination and persistence, is vital for anyone who decides to take the financial risk of owning a truck. There will be a lot of setbacks and obstacles that will get in the way of your progress, so a focus on the long-term goal is vital. A mechanical breakdown or personal setback will make you question whether you can survive the challenge, but tenacity will keep you going.

The second trait is passion. Without “an intense desire or enthusiasm” for your business, you’ll fail. If your goal is merely to make money, you might be able to accomplish that in other ways. Most owner-operators have a passion for the lifestyle or they wouldn’t invest a large amount of money into a big truck.

The authors use the phrase, “tolerance of ambiguity” to describe the characteristic toward risk-taking, or an acceptance of potential failure. Ask any business owner what keeps him or her up at night and they’ll quickly give you a list of their fears. From paying bills to making a career mistake, the uncertainty over your future success keeps many people from taking a risk as an owner-operator.

Without a vision, an entrepreneur wouldn’t be able to see a better future as a business owner. Identifying an opportunity means looking forward and making that chance into a reality. Maybe it’s a great deal on a truck that made you start thinking about leasing to a carrier instead of just driving for them. Every trucking company today started with someone who had a vision when they bought that first truck.

An entrepreneur must have self-confidence and the belief that he or she can and will succeed in their new venture. Knowing that you are going to provide a service that is desired and needed should give you the security in moving into a new opportunity. If you lack belief in yourself you won’t succeed.

The sixth characteristic of a successful entrepreneur is flexibility. You must be able to react quickly and respond to changes in your business. If you depend on one customer and lose that contract, you’ll need to be ready with a back up plan to implement right away. Being flexible means you will be more adept at dealing with change.

The final trait needed to be successful as a business owner is the tendency to break rules. No, this doesn’t mean running over the speed limit or lying on your tax return, it means that a tendency to take risks will help you move beyond your peers’ comfort zone. That’s what makes a good entrepreneur:  the ability to defy conventional wisdom.

If you’re thinking about becoming an owner-operator and you are concerned about whether you have it in you or not, consider these traits of successful business owners before you take the first step. If you feel confident that you can be flexible and self confident in making your vision a reality, then go for it!


The Hero Of Snowstorm, Bret Houston

Welcome back truckers. Winters have been the most pleasant season and the kids look forward for the snow, making iceman on the porch, ice skiing with family, throwing jumbo ice balls on friends, making memories. However, the recent snowstorm hitting the nation has shaken up everyone and still people are making their way towards home, some still stuck in school and workplace, grocery shop. Phone lines are jammed like the traffic on road and, the frozen sheet of ice and snarling highways make them wonder how they would over cross this hurdle. Continue reading