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Think Trade Inc & its Line of products

ThinkTrade Inc, a leading tax preparation software provider Headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, we offer high-end technology solutions and services. Since its inception, we have left our imprints behind, working harder towards one goal, customer delight. This article will briefly explain about the line of products & services that are offered under the banner of Think Trade Inc: Continue reading

Reasons Why You Should Make The Best Use Of BigWheelJobs.com

Trucking is one such profession that does not hold an age bar. Anyone from a college graduate to a retire officer can choose trucking as their new profession to survive. We know it sounds weird but yes, the career you are going to deal is mixed of flexibility, availability and the passion to do something in life for the nation. However, let us remind you, it is no bed of roses. The hardship you would face from the nights without sleep will turmoil your routine and you might end up with nausea. If you are game for it, trucking is the best profession. Continue reading

Walk through a trade show and see what big hearts are in the trucking industry.

Anyone who thinks the trucking industry has an image problem needs to step up to the challenge and help change it. In fact, at the recent Great American Trucking Show (GATS), there were many opportunities to see how much positive change professional drivers and those who support them initiate.

You might have heard about the ALS (amyotropic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease) Ice Bucket Challenge. Cari Baylor of Baylor Trucking hosted the challenge during the three days of the truck show. The ice and water were quite a contrast to the one hundred plus temperatures in Dallas that week. Many drivers and company and vendor representatives took the challenge and were drenched under the bucket’s cold contents. Continue reading

BigWheelJobs.com, The Online Job Portal For Truckers

Trucking is a skilled profession, where a trucker spends most of his life on the road. According to this new trend, trucking industry is growing and drivers are in highly in demand. Trucking companies have their own challenges, and these truckers overcome them with a brave face and bring in profit for the company.

If you are looking to start up your career as a truck driver, you have made the wise choice, as you would find more job opportunities from reputed trucking organizations looking for potential drivers. Those were the days, when we had to rely on newspaper classifieds to fit into a right job to kick-start your career.  With the fast moving technology, job portals on internet are flourishing big time, allowing you to access job details on your fingertips, checking out job specifications and applying them online. Continue reading

An Introduction to BigWheelJobs.com

Hello truckers, today we would like to introduce our product, BigWheelJobs.com. This website is a job portal for truckers, who are looking for a job or looking for a change, we provide it all. Knowing well about the lifestyle truckers follow, it is not so easy to understand it until and unless you step into their own shoes. The hurdles they cross, the love they share and the passion they carry with their heads high is simply outstanding, which makes us wonder at times. Continue reading

Join Hands With Long Haul Trucking Schools For A Secure Future

Hello truckers, hope you’re doing fine and in pink of health. Today we would be talking about trucking school and the benefits you deserve. If you like the concept of ideal employment, revolving around open roads, traveling, competitive pay and basking in flexible and stable lifestyle, you may want to try and consider becoming a long hauling truck driver.

There are number oflong hauling trucking schools that prepare eager and efficient truckers, who enjoy being behind the wheels and looking forward for an exciting and liberating career field. By understanding these trucking schools and the benefit their offer to adorn their graduates with, you can always take a chance to decide if trucking would be the right vocation for you and which school would help you in achieving your set goals. Continue reading

Cheers! Welcome to trucker’s job portal- Let’s grow in sync.

Welcome to Bigwheeljobs blog for job seekers and recruiters. We are glad to greet you on kick-off of our BlogSpot. Next to the thorough analysis of trucking turf and your needs, your peerless concern ThinkTrade Inc boons you with such a grant, to enlighten your lives by toning your career. We take away this opportunity to thank our favorite users of our E-file software, who helped us to emerge with other new face of job portal.

To the pride side serving with satisfaction of being trusted E-file, we have outspread to own a job portal in order to meet our users career & financial needs. Years ago Confucius, a Chinese philosopher said, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day” –And that’s how we form an important part while helping you to choose the right job.

Apart from searching you a job or employee, we create provisions for your second income. For example, let’s take that you already work somewhere and so trucking is your part time work or hobby. How nice it would be if you get the chance of lending it sometime & by end of the day that puts up your day’s marginal cost. Stay reviewing the upcoming blogs regularly, which will be benefit in you in a way or other. We are full-focused to deliver you smarter stuffs that makes smarter in letting your career grow. We anticipate your comments and queries.

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