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Better Understanding On CDL Licenses And Their Types

We all know there are various types of licenses available according to the rig you drive but somehow, we never got in detail about the same. Today is the day. We will be talking about the CDL licenses and its varieties. This will help you in decide your career and the license which is applicable. And yes, drive your heavy rigs safe.

According to USDOT, there are three types Commercial Drivers License for drivers. These licenses are further qualified by six endorsements that designate specific type, that the driver is applicable and permitted to use. Also, drivers are required to understand each type of license and what vehicle that falls under the jurisdiction of CDL licensing.

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Are You New To Trucking? Set Your Career As Hot Shot Truck Driver

Greeting from Think trade, we’re glad you’re a part of our blog. Our tax experts’ come up with creative ideas and information to keep you tuned all day and again, bring you back to our blog. However, today’s topic is Hot Shot Trucking.

We know that freight carrier industry has already an important aspect of consumer goods reaching retailer shelves. Independent drivers and freight companies contribute about 70% in transporting goods that hit the shelves and the consumers. However, hot shot trucking gives you the freedom to work for freight carriers that you choose.

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Error in IFTA Rates Published by the State of Georgia

Do you own a commercial vehicle that moves beyond your state? If yes, you are liable to file IFTA return through your base jurisdiction. For smooth filing of this tax, you should have IFTA license and this quarterly tax return is to be filed in accordance with the gallons of fuels used by motor carriers and the charges differ for all U.S states under the IFTA jurisdiction, published every quarter. In simple words, this IFTA tax involves the total gallons of fuel you purchased from states under the IFTA jurisdiction.
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Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

As the leaves turn to bright colors and drop from the trees, we anticipate a change in seasons and the coming of winter holidays. November in the U.S., October in Canada, brings Thanksgiving and a time to reflect on the past year as we share the day with our family and friends.

Thanksgiving was designed as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest. In the U.S., we attribute the observation to the Pilgrims who emigrated from England to the land of opportunity. Some of these settlers moved north into Canada and the traditions were observed in their new environment.

For many, the holiday is a day off from work; although in the trucking industry, that’s not as common. We combine family, friends, and food and, perhaps a parade or football game on television. The focus is on the important things we all share and how our lives are better because of these people and things.

Regardless of our financial or physical situation, we all have something to be thankful for this year. Robert Quillen, an American journalist, once said, “If you count all your assets, you always show a profit.”

If you’re still not ready to spend the day focusing on things you should be thankful for, consider your health. People who count their blessings are healthier and happier than those who don’t. A 2003 survey in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests keeping a list of things you are thankful for will give you a better outlook on life and a more positive attitude.

For students, grateful high-schoolers have better grades and more positive social interaction according to a 2010 study in the Journal of Happiness studies. They are also less depressed than their peers. So encourage your children to be thankful each day, but especially on Thanksgiving.

If you have trouble falling asleep, try making a list of things you are thankful for and you’ll not only fall asleep faster, you’ll stay asleep longer according the an article in the journal of Applied Psychology called Health and Well-Being.

Grateful people make better friends and often have better relationships with their spouse or partner and help promote team happiness when they are involved in team sports (Huffington Post, November, 2012).

Most importantly, being thankful can reduce hypertension and the chance of sudden death for those with coronary artery disease or congestive heart failure (according to a study in the American Journal of Cardiology, 1995). Your immune system also benefits from a positive attitude according to a University of Utah study on law students and pessimism.

Eating turkey and reclining in front of the television might not be the most healthy way to spend a holiday, but if you integrate thankfulness and gratitude you can offset some of the negative effects of the food and lack of activity.

A wikiHow article offers six steps to being more thankful.

1) Relax (reduce anger and frustration to allow positive thoughts)

2) Live in the moment (stop dwelling on the past)

3) Focus on using your senses:  smell, savor, touch, and listen

4) Cherish lightheartedness, like laughter, affection and playfulness

5) Take a vacation (even if it’s a day away from work)

6) Keep a gratitude journal. It’ll remind you of things you have been grateful for in the past.

Giving thanks takes practice, but over time it becomes less challenging and will help make your overall attitude more positive. Thanksgiving is intended as a day to give as a reason to reflect on all the things we should be thankful for.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving from all of us at Women In Trucking Association.

Hold On Your Brakes Truckers, Deadliest Roads Do Exist In America !

Hello truckers, hope you’re doing well. Each week, we write about your experiences and stories, today, we will be sharing something different, something new. Keep reading to know what it is all about!

We all know that making a living in America as a trucker is not an easy deal of task. Filing taxes, meeting deadlines and also share a word of grief regarding traffic and poorly designed roads is common. You might have a list of favorite places to drive in, but today, we will share the deadliest roads of America to drive. According to a survey, highway fatalities have increased by 13.5% in the states, since the first quarter of this economic year.

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Wondering, If A Truck Is Right For You? Here’s What You Need To Know!

In today’s world, you will be able to find different kind of vehicles moving on the highway, from heavy duty trucks to minis. There have always been a variety of them, allowing you to choose what fits in the best according to your age and requirement. Say for example, trucks. We all know, they are simply remarkable diversified vehicle in this day and age, as they match the standards of a car, while offering plenty of space for store goods, along with horse power to go practically anywhere. That’s why you truckers are in so demand. Come, let’s find out about trucking and its own virtual demand. Continue reading