Are You New To Trucking? Set Your Career As Hot Shot Truck Driver

Greeting from Think trade, we’re glad you’re a part of our blog. Our tax experts’ come up with creative ideas and information to keep you tuned all day and again, bring you back to our blog. However, today’s topic is Hot Shot Trucking.

We know that freight carrier industry has already an important aspect of consumer goods reaching retailer shelves. Independent drivers and freight companies contribute about 70% in transporting goods that hit the shelves and the consumers. However, hot shot trucking gives you the freedom to work for freight carriers that you choose.

Let’s check out what is hot shot trucking in detail.

 Significance:  Hot shot truckers are known as the freelance drivers of the freight industry. You really don’t have to get into bond or work for one company, transport goods for any company or carrier without getting into the business of obligation agreements.


The most important benefit you get as hot shot truckers is that freedom. Yes, you read it right, “Freedom”. You can make your own schedules, drive the routes you like, choose the carrier you wish to work for and the best, you don’t have to even bother about any paper works. The company would take care of it! Awesome right? Yes, indeed.

Considerations To Look Out:

You as hot shot drivers usually can count on 75/25 split with the company. The freight company takes 25 % of the total per delivery as the payment or fee for paperwork and setting up the order.

How Do You Get Into Hot Shot Driving?

To become one hot shot driver, you need to visit DMV first and obtain IRPlicense that allows you to drive overweight vehicles. You also need to purchase insurance and check with companies who are looking for hot shot truckers like you.

Understand And Learn The Law:

sure you are well aware about the requirements of the cargo carrier. Every state has its own requirements for driving, heavy penalties for violations and much more. However, do note, these penalties can include crossing the overweight limits, not possessing a proper license, tags or even paper work.

Enjoying The Variations:

Being a hot shot trucker does not demand to own your personal truck. Some trucking carrier will provide you a truck for you to deliver cargo at the destined location. Most of the vehicles are diesel 1-ton trucks or tractor trailers.

However, it is important for a hot shot trucker to maintain his/her log books as it would be easy for the owner to file Heavy Vehicle Used Tax form 2290 for the truck you’re driving or you’ll be in a mess when the time of inspection. Join hands with our authentic application, we help you in preparing your form, eliminating the error session and finally, you can submit it to IRS.

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We’re here to serve you like you do to your nation. Happy trucking Hot Shot Truckers!

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