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File First Time Used Vehicles Online At

So fellow truckers, how are you doing? Did you bring your new truck on road recently? Well, welcome to the league. It is a routine for truckers and owner operators to file form 2290 for the newly bought vehicles on the road. Considering, how hectic job is for busy truckers for each month, rushing to the IRS office and submitting your tax return at the last minute and waiting for your acknowledgment receipt is indeed tedious. Continue reading

Why does YOUR company need more women in leadership?

“The closer that America comes to fully employing the talents of all its citizens, the greater the output of goods and services will be.”

Warren Buffett

The Women In Trucking mission includes encourage the employment of women working in the trucking industry. We understand that there is a need for professional drivers, and women are underrepresented in this area, but what about women in management?

You should strive for more women in your leadership roles.  Not because it’s the right thing to do, but because it affects your bottom line.  Pepperdine University found a correlation between high-level female executives and business success.  The Harvard Business Review reported firms with the best records for promoting women outperform industry medians with overall profits thirty four percent higher.  Catalyst research found that companies with the highest representation of women leaders financially outperform, on average, companies with the lowest.
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Enjoy Full Service Option For Thinktrade Products

Filers, hope you are pink of health. Each time when we are running through the deadline week, we get calls from our customers asking if we would provide them with an alternative to efile their tax return easier. Efiling itself stands as easy method to file and pay tax to the IRS. An alternative of efiling? Well, that would be full service option with, a prime product of ThinkTrade Inc. Continue reading

Tax Survival Guide For The Dealing With Tax

Every month is a tax season for truckers. Although we complete our tax payment in the month of July- august, truckers who bring their new vehicle on road any time after the tax season are liable to file and pay tax due by the end of the second month of the first use. The journey to deliveries to the tax season is filed with obstacles of temper flares, incorrect information, tax scams, broken calculators, and mountains of stress so tall they can block out the sun. You WILL survive these obstacles and make it through tax season with a smile on your face.

ThinkTrade Inc owns multiple products for truckers, associations and individuals. And this blog is all about tax survival training. Continue reading

Three Ways To Pay Tax To The IRS Via

This stands as the final step of filing annual HVUT: paying the IRS. You are lucky, we’ve not only streamlined the process of completing form 2290, but we’ve also made the payment process convenient.

When you efile form 2290 with, a prime product of ThinkTrade, you can choose among the three important payment options offered by IRS to pay your tax online. Continue reading