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So fellow truckers, how are you doing? Did you bring your new truck on road recently? Well, welcome to the league. It is a routine for truckers and owner operators to file form 2290 for the newly bought vehicles on the road. Considering, how hectic job is for busy truckers for each month, rushing to the IRS office and submitting your tax return at the last minute and waiting for your acknowledgment receipt is indeed tedious.

What if you’re served with better options? Well, we do have an alternative to avoid the tedious workload and tax altogether. Online filing with, prime product of ThinkTrade Inc. is the option you can choose when you have no time to run to the IRS office and report tax.

With online filing, you don’t have to rush anywhere until and unless you have to access computer from somewhere. You can file & report and pay your tax through form 2290 online from anywhere, anytime with utmost ease.

If you bought your vehicle out for the first time in the month of January, you are liable to report form by the end of February 28th 2014. It is believed that, the heavier your rig, the higher taxes you are owe. And this is because, these heavy vehicles cause most of the damage and the funds collected through form 2290 is directly contributed on for the wear and tear of the highway. The tax would be calculated based upon the weight of the truck. And if you belong to this category, drop by to and file your return before 28th of February to avoid heavy penalties coming your way. If you fail to pay your dues online by the due date, you owe penalties, which would grow heavier with the delay.

Also, remember, if you own more than 25 heavy vehicles in hand, you need to efile your return online through an authorized e-filing service provider like is one of the first efiling service provider among the lot, and we know really how to treat our customers and serve them right. Your requirements are ours, and that is what we are fulfilling them at our end. We cater your needs and serve with the possible feature that you would look around to get your tax filed within minutes.

With the fast moving life, it is weird how we sit behind the wheels and calculate the tax based on the weight and the miles covered, cross checking the logbooks and receipts and the best, checking for errors in the form filed by you. Gone are those days, welcome efiling into your life and see the difference. Online filing stands as your rescue partner, where you have to simply feed in the information asked by the application and sit back to let the magic speak and spill.

Another advantage you get when you efile with is that you can avail full service option if you’re keeping busy behind the wheels. All you need to do is, enquire about this option to our Tax Experts and they would tell you about the procedure and requirements to take this forward.

Once you are done with the understanding of the methodologies followed, you would receive your schedule 1 copy in minutes through Fax or Text Alert if you had requested. Or you can find your acknowledgement receipt in your registered account with

We hold your account as record keeper as it is one stop solution to check through the details, documents and schedule 1 copies for your previous filing. If any of the proof of payment receipts are missing, you know where you would find them all.

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