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IRS Form 2290: Excise Tax- Part-1

Truckers are backbone of the nation and the continuous effort they put forward makes us hard to picture our lives without them. Whether food, water supplies or medicines, truckers bring them to us, on time.

However, apart from making their on-time deliveries, filing form 2290 is mandatory for truckers in order to pay a tribute to the nation for using the public highway. Of course, there is no way they would escape from the same as this implies to the suspended and exempt vehicles as well.

IRS form 2290 is a part of excise tax filed in the U.S and it is no new thing for truckers to learn about form 2290 and we are thankful to them for keeping the highways properly maintained. However, in this blog we shall discuss some of the basic and essential facts related to 2290 form, also helpful for truckers filing the IRS form for the first time. Continue reading

A Gratitude Filled Salutation For Our Truckers To Make Our Small World Worth It!

With the winter slipping into our world, snow is dominating the roads than what your rigs are supposed to be doing now. Sometimes, we’re so bind with work, we really don’t have enough time other than making deliveries, filling in the log book and of course resting. However, the dedication and the affection you own for the nation cover it up, making it look pretty that even if you miss something, it does not make a big difference. Nation comes first, and that is the best part of being a trucker.

You know what impresses us the most about you truckers is the passion for  trucking that runs in the blood. We will tell you how. The other day, we were at the beach, chilling after a hectic week. From a distance, we saw some kids playing, building castles and their mums were around to have an eye on their toddlers. In no time, we saw a small boy, moving half the size of his truck filled with mud, making his way towards the mud castle. Everyone looked at him and he announced, “I will become like my dad, hard working and passionate about what I do”. It left us speechless, stunned by the thought. He was small to decide about his career but he did.  Continue reading

What To Fill In Your Log Book? Find it here

As life is moving behind the wheels in speed, maintaining log books are neglected sometimes. These commercial truck drivers’ move around the country to deliver goods and thus,Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), a branch of U.S. government owns the authority to regulate the industry and also administer federal laws.

Federal laws regulate the number of hours you can operate behind the wheels before taking a mandatory rest period and also, it is mandatory to maintain a record of daily routine in an official log book. Continue reading

What Are the Dangers of Gas Tank Leaks? Here’s the Answer

Hello truckers, greeting from ThinkTrade Inc. Sometimes we think what would be our blog without you? We would hardly have any visitors, any comments or feedback’s… In short, we would be left deserted in the virtual world. So here comes again, we thank you for your support and love you have showered us all the while.

The rate of accidents has rapidly increased and here in this blog we shall talk about the dangers of Gas Tank Leaks. According to the recent study, U.S. Fire Departments and National Fire Protection Association responded to an average of 287,000 vehicle fire each year, causing an average of 480 deaths in civilians. However, driving with leaking fuel tanks in big rigs and buried heating units pose a huge safety risk to drivers and families because of the flammability of the fuel. Continue reading

Eight things your neighbor probably doesn’t understand about professional drivers

The public perception of professional drivers has often been based on misunderstanding due to the media and movie industry’s portrayal of these hard working men and women. Although there are numerous image campaigns in the trucking industry, most of them focus on the importance of the industry itself instead of trying to change the image of the person behind the wheel.

Your neighbor might not understand what your life is like as a professional driver and more importantly, how your job affects their lifestyle. Here are eight things your neighbor probably doesn’t know about you, but should. This list isn’t comprehensive and I’m sure you can think of many more things you’d like your friends to know about your career, but this is a start. Continue reading

All You Need to Know About EIN? Do You Own One

Business owners and individuals interested in starting a business it is essential to have an employer identification number issued by the Internal Revenue Service for taxation purposes. It is important for businesses to enter the employer identification number when filing tax return. Taxpayers should keep in mind that the EIN is issued by the IRS is not intended for using for any other purpose such as sales and lotteries. Moreover, being somewhat similar to the Social Security Number, EIN is a 9 digit unique identification number mostly used by sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and other business entities. Continue reading