A Gratitude Filled Salutation For Our Truckers To Make Our Small World Worth It!

With the winter slipping into our world, snow is dominating the roads than what your rigs are supposed to be doing now. Sometimes, we’re so bind with work, we really don’t have enough time other than making deliveries, filling in the log book and of course resting. However, the dedication and the affection you own for the nation cover it up, making it look pretty that even if you miss something, it does not make a big difference. Nation comes first, and that is the best part of being a trucker.

You know what impresses us the most about you truckers is the passion for  trucking that runs in the blood. We will tell you how. The other day, we were at the beach, chilling after a hectic week. From a distance, we saw some kids playing, building castles and their mums were around to have an eye on their toddlers. In no time, we saw a small boy, moving half the size of his truck filled with mud, making his way towards the mud castle. Everyone looked at him and he announced, “I will become like my dad, hard working and passionate about what I do”. It left us speechless, stunned by the thought. He was small to decide about his career but he did. 

With his honest response regarding his career, he proved that his father was an inspirational character in his life and would remain. And that makes us appreciate the existence of truckers, grasping the fact that they need to respected and honored for what they do. Practically, additionally or even emotionally, they stand by the nation when they’re required to and give their best each time they’re behind the wheels and of course, without them we are left nowhere.

There are people, who verbally show off their finesse and tell the world how much they are in love with the country they are living in, but truckers don’t utter a word but they pay their duties on time through tax and oblige the IRS.

As truckers rolling on highway all day, you got to file HVUT form 2290 every tax season depending upon the gross weight and the miles you have covered. However, paper filing can be exhausting and time consuming and we know how much time you have in hand. And here comes, tax2290.com for your rescue.

Tax2290.com is a prime product of ThinkTrade Inc. and has been fairly accepted by our loyal audience. We have refined ourselves each day with their requirements and today, bloomed with flying colors. And again, this is because of your support and trust you had invested in us.

On a finishing note, we would like to remind you all truckers that if you have bought your truck on road last month, then this January 31st 2014 is your tax filing due date. So buckle up with your Smartphone as the due date is round the corner, and the last thing we would wish for you is penalties. So simply type in m.tax2290.com or download tax2290 Android App for your mobile. We’re only trying to make things easy for you and would be doing the same till the end.

However, if you want to know more about our services and assistances, then you can simply dial @ 1-866-245-3918 or send a mail tosupport@taxexcise.com. We believe in running out of boundaries, with flying colors.

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