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Focus on hiring veterans at the White House

It’s no secret that the trucking industry is experiencing a need for qualified drivers. Many carriers have made a commitment to hire more veterans for both driving and managerial positions. However, the unemployment rate for veterans continues to be an area of concern for both employers and the government.

Did you know there were over 500,000 unemployed veterans as of December 2014 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics? They also reported that 1.5 million veterans were only employed in part time positions.
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Celebrating Due Date Week For Tax 2290, IFTA And Excise Tax At Thinktrade

Working upon our schedule is now a routine and thus, breaking free from the schedule was almost a motive here at ThinkTrade. And that made us wonder, if at all we can celebrate “Due Date Week”.  The sole purpose to celebrate Due Date Week is to set a benchmark for our fellow filers to remember and efile their tax return by this week, and relish the idea of celebration.

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Features Applicable After You Efile With

The New Year fever is dripping down. Let’s get working! Last week, our post was about full service option for filers, who are ripped with their busy schedule and really have no time to stand along with the crowd and report IRS tax forms.

Although, we know efiling is the method that can let you avoid penalties and wastage of time, there are people across the globe who wishes to choose paper filing as their method of filing. Of course, the decision lies within you and we duly respect that. However, we are here to provide you with options, a better alternative and various opinions for a better tomorrow. Continue reading

Efile Your Tax Return On Your Terms With Full Service Option

Each time we answer our customers through chat, email or phone call, our customers tend to ask us “Can you Efile tax on my behalf? I’m kind of running late.”

 Well, the answer is a big YES. ThinkTrade has furnished its product with a variety of features and one among them is Full Service Option. Keep reading we will tell you more about this particular feature. Continue reading

Features Applicable Before You Efile At

Being in the industry since a decade and more, we know how to treat our efilers right, and we’ve got thousands of happy, returning users each year to confirm. We are not only designed, (a product of ThinkTrade) to showcase how fab our developers are or attract audience for the user-friendliness. We own much more bigger than that. Continue reading

IRS Scheduled MEF Maintenance Starts Today. Efile Your First Time Used Vehicles.

Attention Tax filers, we have an update for you

Each year, by the end, IRS typically shuts down the MEF (Modernized E-file system) for maintenance. MEF is the online system through, which submits our IRS tax form return.

We just got the information that, today, Friday, 26th December 2014 at 1:30 pm the IRS MEF will be blacked out for maintenance and is scheduled to reopen anytime in January 2015. Continue reading