Features Applicable After You Efile With Tax2290.com

The New Year fever is dripping down. Let’s get working! Last week, our post was about full service option for filers, who are ripped with their busy schedule and really have no time to stand along with the crowd and report IRS tax forms.

Although, we know efiling is the method that can let you avoid penalties and wastage of time, there are people across the globe who wishes to choose paper filing as their method of filing. Of course, the decision lies within you and we duly respect that. However, we are here to provide you with options, a better alternative and various opinions for a better tomorrow.

We have till date discussed about what happens before you efile and during the process, today, we will discuss what are the benefits you own after you efile IRS Tax HVUT with our prime product Tax2290.com.

So here comes the final and the last component of the blog. “Features Applicable After You Efile With Tax2290.com”

Keep following, you are the benefactor.

When you choose to efile with us, we know you expect us to be your side till the end. That is what we have designed our application for. The list of benefits doesn’t end till you efile. It continuous till you complete your transmission to IRS and receive your schedule 1 copy.

Receive Stamped Schedule 1 Instantly

With 98%, approval rating with the IRS, our users typically receives their stamped Schedule 1 via email in less than 5 minutes. Also, add up the time you took to efile, which would narrow down to 5-10 minutes or even less. So on the total; you would not be spending more than 15 minutes with our application online. Try your luck in getting through IRS local office in the same amount of time. It is next to impossible.

Retrieve The Lost Copy:

If you have by any chance misplaced your schedule 1 copy or you are facing a DMV audit, you can panic less. Simply log into your account and retrieve your acknowledged receipt in seconds. You control your world through your Smartphone. The same functionality is available for your desktop and tablet version.

Last but not the least, you can always reach our Tax Experts for more assistance and share your queries related to your pre and post efiling.

Additionally, we would like to remind you, if you have bought your vehicle on road in the month of December, the Jan 31st your HVUT is due. So if you had taken your vehicle out for the first time in 2014 December, you are liable to pay your dues by the end of January. Join hands with the most authentic and authorized efiling service provider, Tax2290.com, a prime product of ThinkTrade.Inc.

For more details and information, do ring us @ 1-866-245-3918 or send a mail to support@taxexcise.com.

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