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Walk through a trade show and see what big hearts are in the trucking industry.

Anyone who thinks the trucking industry has an image problem needs to step up to the challenge and help change it. In fact, at the recent Great American Trucking Show (GATS), there were many opportunities to see how much positive change professional drivers and those who support them initiate.

You might have heard about the ALS (amyotropic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease) Ice Bucket Challenge. Cari Baylor of Baylor Trucking hosted the challenge during the three days of the truck show. The ice and water were quite a contrast to the one hundred plus temperatures in Dallas that week. Many drivers and company and vendor representatives took the challenge and were drenched under the bucket’s cold contents. Continue reading

Pick Full Service Option As The Mode Of Efiling Form 2290

So filers, hope you are aware that you have only 7 days in hand to get your form 2290 return filed or you know what are the consequences you need to face. Filed directly to the government, IRS would take action if there is a delay. And we are sure, you don’t want to face such situations. Continue reading

Avail Offers Only At Thinktrade For OOIDA Members

Truckers, owner operators and taxpayers, if you have not filed your taxes yet and you are part of OOIDA, we have an exciting offer for you. ThinkTrade Inc. is an affiliated member of OOIDA since 2010 and the association is growing profoundly. And thus, ThinkTrade Inc is taking the opportunity to serve and pay respect to OOIDA members with flat 50% discount on our efiling service fee. We would like to take this opportunity and welcome taxpayers to, a prime product of ThinkTrade Inc. Come over, file your dues to IRS, and receive your schedule 1 copy in minutes. Experience the magic taking place over our server and you will relish it for life. Continue reading

Are You Wondering Filing With Tax2290 Is Secure? Here’s The Answer

Heavy Vehicle Used Tax is the tax filed through IRS form 2290 by the vehicle owners and truckers if their rigs weigh more than 55,000 pounds and commute through the public highway. It is believed that these heavy vehicles cause most of the damage and these funds collected as tax is directly invested in the wear and tear of the highway. Continue reading

Efiling Extended Weekend Support By Tax2290 Tax Experts

So truckers, tell us what makes you stick on to your profession even after understanding the hurdles and problems coming your way? And did you know, this dedication and attitude holds on as our inspiration to run the show even more effectively? Well, that stands as the main reason for our success. Filers across the nation come over and file their HVUT taxes with Reasons are many, which one would you like to hear. Continue reading

An Update On The Due Dates For Excise Tax, Form 2290 And IFTA

Trucking is such a profession, where nothing can be greater than the dedication. If you are not strong in these areas, you will not be able to sustain for more time. However, these factors would eventually come to you if you stand strong with the will power to stick around trucking. Of course, you will face possible hardship, however, at the end of the day you win the battle. Continue reading

IFTA Q2 Preparation With

So truckers, welcome back. Hope you are doing good and pink of health. We know the hard work you are indulged in and we duly respect you for what you are doing to keep the nation going. However, today we are here to remind the IFTA filers to prepare and file their return for IFTA second quarter and avoid penalties. Continue reading