IFTA Q2 Preparation With TaxIFTA.com

So truckers, welcome back. Hope you are doing good and pink of health. We know the hard work you are indulged in and we duly respect you for what you are doing to keep the nation going. However, today we are here to remind the IFTA filers to prepare and file their return for IFTA second quarter and avoid penalties.

What Is IFTA?

IFTA is also known as the International Fuel Tax Agreement is active between 48 contiguous states and 10 Canadian Provinces, where the member jurisdictions act cooperatively to administer and collect motor fuel use taxes. The idea of IFTA was to establish and maintain the concept of fuel use license and one administering base jurisdiction for each licensee. IFTA works when you have to report fuel tax to one or more state each quarter to your base jurisdiction.

Working Of IFTA Preparation Online:

Well, the procedure is very simple. TaxIFTA.com is feature-rich and based out of authentic grounds. This ensures you are filing ease and simple. Firstly, you need to register or simply log into your account and choose the form you are preparing for. If you are a returning customer, we are sure; you have your own business detail already embedded within our application. And if you have missed your credentials somewhere, allow us to figure that out for you.

Add in the tax year, the quarter you are filing and the base jurisdiction your vehicle belong to. The next step is to add information about your vehicle. Also, you can bulk upload the vehicle details or export information from your previous filing and upload it in the present preparation list.

Right after furnishing these information, you need to provide info about the distance and fuel information, based on the jurisdiction you have traveled, fuel type you have used and the gallons of fuel pumped in that jurisdiction.

Other than that, there is an added advantage. You can tally your tax credits for 8 quarters returns in one go. Then you have to choose the package you would opt for preparing IFTA. Pay your return online and you get IFTA PDF in your email ID.

Why Should You Prepare IFTA Online?

Well, there are many reasons we can provide you with, its your call to choose among them.

  • ·         Less time consuming and provides you with the freedom to prepare anytime
  • ·         Tax calculations are done online, with lot more accuracy
  • ·         Errors are totally eliminated
  • ·         Text Alert and Fax Alert for your
  • ·         Quick help to draft your path across the application

After a clear picture about preparing IFTA only at TaxIFTA.com, a prime product of ThinkTrade Inc, it’s time to come over and prepare your return with ease and leave the penalties behind. Of course, you have Tax Experts around you to help you in getting your queries cleared and push you on the right track. Reach us @ 1-866-245-3918 or simply write to support@taxexcise.com.

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