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Full Service Option For

Form 2290 is the application to file and report HVUT (heavy vehicle used tax) for vehicles weight more than 55,000 pounds or more. The tax season usually falls by July 1st to August 31st of each year, and if you fail to file by the due date, you will have to file your tax return with penalties. Also, if the due date falls by the weekend, the next business day is treated as the due date.

However, today, at ThinkTrade we are discussing about Full Service Option applicable for the products. Continue reading

Synchronize Your Job Hunt Via Bigwheeljobs

Trucking is the only profession across the globe, which doesn’t hold any age limit. From college grads to a retire officer can choose trucking as their full time or part time profession to survive in the expensive world. However, at ThinkTrade, we do not encourage senior citizens to choose the seat behind the wheels, as it may not dwell so good due to various health and age restrictions.

However, one must remember before choosing trucking as the profession, that it is a blend of flexibility, availability, and the passion to do a thing for the nation. There would be nights, without sleep, and weeks without meeting your family, and you there would be time when you land up with nausea. If you think, these hardship cannot shake your confidence, then you are game for it. Welcome to the business of trucking. Continue reading

Promoting all women in the trucking industry

The Women In Trucking Association represents all women employed in the trucking industry.  We represent the women who design the trucks, build the trucks, buy the trucks, fix the trucks and drive the trucks.  If you are one of the five percent of female drivers or one of the fourteen percent of female managers in the trucking industry, we are here for you.

The overall purpose of the organization is to increase the percentage of women working in the trucking industry to utilize unrealized potential.  As former US DOT Secretary ray LaHood said, “After all – regardless of gender – everyone uses our transportation systems, and those systems will serve us more effectively when they are planned, designed, engineered and built by the professionals who represent all of us. Continue reading