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Transferring Your Schedule 1 Copy, from one Truck to another

Do you need to transfer your Schedule 1 copy from one truck to another? If you Changed vehicles or purchased a new one in December of 2015, then the Vehicle first used in December have a 2290 filing deadline of January 31st!

Even though there is still plenty of time to file your 2290. It only takes about 10 minutes to E-file a Form 2290. So if you’ve recently switched vehicles, it’s time to get in gear and get yourself E-filed before the deadline. Continue reading

E-Filing HVUT Tax Form 2290 – What to Expect From Your Efile Service Provider

Expectation is one thing that no one can live without. It is popularly said that Expectations lead to disappointment, Human brain is ready to accept it but every heart that beats always lives with expectations of some sort. “An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of the superior personality.” So Genuine expectations are good for a healthy lifestyle and its betterment. A very common word in trucking Industry especially during the months of July & August is HVUT Tax Form 2290. This is one of the taxes imposed on truckers by the IRS. Any vehicle with a gross weight of 55,000 lbs or above has to have a Tax Form 2290 filed on it. The most preferred mode of filing is getting it done online. Continue reading

Synchronize Your Job Hunt Via Bigwheeljobs

Trucking is the only profession across the globe, which doesn’t hold any age limit. From college grads to a retire officer can choose trucking as their full time or part time profession to survive in the expensive world. However, at ThinkTrade, we do not encourage senior citizens to choose the seat behind the wheels, as it may not dwell so good due to various health and age restrictions.

However, one must remember before choosing trucking as the profession, that it is a blend of flexibility, availability, and the passion to do a thing for the nation. There would be nights, without sleep, and weeks without meeting your family, and you there would be time when you land up with nausea. If you think, these hardship cannot shake your confidence, then you are game for it. Welcome to the business of trucking. Continue reading

Reasons Why You Should Make The Best Use Of BigWheelJobs.com

Trucking is one such profession that does not hold an age bar. Anyone from a college graduate to a retire officer can choose trucking as their new profession to survive. We know it sounds weird but yes, the career you are going to deal is mixed of flexibility, availability and the passion to do something in life for the nation. However, let us remind you, it is no bed of roses. The hardship you would face from the nights without sleep will turmoil your routine and you might end up with nausea. If you are game for it, trucking is the best profession. Continue reading

BigWheelJobs.com, The Online Job Portal For Truckers

Trucking is a skilled profession, where a trucker spends most of his life on the road. According to this new trend, trucking industry is growing and drivers are in highly in demand. Trucking companies have their own challenges, and these truckers overcome them with a brave face and bring in profit for the company.

If you are looking to start up your career as a truck driver, you have made the wise choice, as you would find more job opportunities from reputed trucking organizations looking for potential drivers. Those were the days, when we had to rely on newspaper classifieds to fit into a right job to kick-start your career.  With the fast moving technology, job portals on internet are flourishing big time, allowing you to access job details on your fingertips, checking out job specifications and applying them online. Continue reading