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Speed Traps- Keeps You Alert and Aware From Over-Speeding

A speed trap is one section of a highway or the road running along, where traffic laws are heavily enforced. Speed traps are placed or located in such areas where the motorist or trucker tends to speed up his accelerator, for example on a straightaway highway or downhill incline. Due to various reasons, law enforcement decided to cover areas, which are accident prone with speed traps. Continue reading

End the Myth List; Unveil The Truth!

You must have come across the saying,” If you’ve got it, a truck brought it” is almost cent percent true. Myths are many about truckers but they are nowhere near truth. It’s time to deflate, pass and worn out falsehoods. These trucks, running on the highway, driven by professionals in order to serve the nation, deliver goods on time and safely. Let be day or night, hauling ever halts. Keep reading to know the myths exist in trucking and also the reasons provided. Continue reading

End Night Crashes With Reflective Tapes

In early 90’s, National Highway Safety Administration regulating the Department of Transportation (DOT) was up with a new federal law dealing with reflective tapes on trailers, trucks and semi’s. If the truck weigh’s more than 10,000 pounds and which are 80 inch wide falls under the category and should maintain reflective tapes all over the truck to avoid night crashes. Due to the poor visibility and weather, the numbers gradually increases. Additionally, it also specifically mentioned about the positioning requirements as they do play a role. Continue reading

Next week: Free Webinar exclusive to WIT members

Women In Trucking Association is offering its members a FREE webinar event called Taking Your Business to the Next Level Join industry leader and executive coach with TranStrategy Partners, Joel McGinley, as he presents strategies and tactics for creating a world class business no matter what size company you are.

Developing a world class business is not just for the large business; any business that chooses can be a world class business. Joel will walk you through strategies and tactics that help you understand:

  • How to manage your people to achieve consistent high performance all the time.
  • How to create a thriving company culture that propels your business forward.
  • What and how to use value maximizing key performance indicators in your business.

This success building webinar is at 3 p.m. EDT, Sept. 10, and last approximately 90 minutes with opportunities for questions and answers. Register now!

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