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Speed Traps- Keeps You Alert and Aware From Over-Speeding

A speed trap is one section of a highway or the road running along, where traffic laws are heavily enforced. Speed traps are placed or located in such areas where the motorist or trucker tends to speed up his accelerator, for example on a straightaway highway or downhill incline. Due to various reasons, law enforcement decided to cover areas, which are accident prone with speed traps. Continue reading

E-Filling Made Easier with ThinkTrade Inc

How do you think you will manage your trucking business along with filing your tax returns on time? Sounds difficult right! ThinkTrade Inc. a BBB certified company helps you e-file with a single click of a mouse. Trusted by many tax payers across the country, the company has made the filing of tax return simple and hassle-free. However, to understand the advantages of choosing ThinkTrade.com it is essential you understand the major differences between paper filing and electronic filing.

E-File to Spend Time with Your Family

It’s true, your work demands more time and dedication but even a little bit of spare time is what you always desire for. Filing your tax return on paper is time consuming especially when you have to do the calculations, but becomes easy if you e-file your returns online. Whether you want to pay your HVUT returns, excise tax, or want refund choose ThinkTrade Inc’s products to do it in minutes and with accuracy. The easy to use and friendly application can be handled by your wife too, so stop worrying about the last minute hassles and use the spare time to share special moments with your family.

E-File and Save the Environment

Dear truckers, ‘using less paper not only saves money, it can reduce poor practices and inefficiencies’. Paper filing adds to your expenses such as printing and postage. Therefore, it is the right time you should take a step forward to protect your environment by e-filing your tax at Tax2290, a ThinkTrade Inc product from now on. Your idea to pay your taxes online would inspire your fellow truckers too.

E-File to Get Your Schedule1 in Minutes

Paper filing is a lengthy process and you do not know if you would get the proof of payment on time. Moreover, if you are filing the last minute there are chances of making errors. We at ThinkTrade.com understand your business and the stress that you undergo. Therefore, have designed an application where you can make accurate calculations and get the proof of payment in minutes. For example, if you are filing for HVUT return, then wait no longer to get your schedule-1.

We at ThinkTrade understand and value your time. So, why delay, use our e-filing application to pay your excise taxes today!