Speed Traps- Keeps You Alert and Aware From Over-Speeding

A speed trap is one section of a highway or the road running along, where traffic laws are heavily enforced. Speed traps are placed or located in such areas where the motorist or trucker tends to speed up his accelerator, for example on a straightaway highway or downhill incline. Due to various reasons, law enforcement decided to cover areas, which are accident prone with speed traps.

Speed traps are basically designed to catch hold of people, who’re violating the driving limit, especially in areas where the pace limit is consistently violated. Speed detection can be executed via few common methods like aerial detection, radar units, laser guns and camera attached to lamppost or telephone post. However, we shall discuss in detail about these methods in the next blog.

In heavy trafficked downtown areas, pace limits tend to slow down and truck drivers do not inadvertently hit the pedestrians orcollision with animals on the highway. Some areas tend to have more number of accidents and dangerous traffic as the movement of vehicles is not stable, sudden stopping and starting, unsignaled turnings, pedestrians and animals are the part of traffic. However, the other open areas like highway, speed limits are set higher to reflect the traffic conditions.

Common Locations For Speed Traps:

These speed traps are usually found downhill inclines, areas where the speed limit changes and locations near school and playgrounds. As you’re driving on daily basis crossing the same route, you tend to know the exact location of these traps, which means that law enforcement, tends to apprehend out of town visitors more than the locals.

However, with mix reviews about speed traps, some of the truckers actually didn’t agree with the concept of these traps and seem to be somewhat unfair. They are right as per their point of view, but these speed traps should be located right in areas where the speed tends to be violated or higher number of accidents occurs on that road.

The reasons given byLaw Enforcementon the argument of Speed traps:

Law Enforcement clearly mentioned that, these initiatives were taken for public welfare, in order to reduce the traffic accidents and fatalities and also remind the drivers of prevailing traffic laws. However, it is obvious that when accidents take place, the trucker driver involved does not put only his life in risk, but other driver’s life is also in danger.

It is also believed that after a detail study, these speed traps concept was introduced thus, there is no point going against the concept. Additionally, in hazardous conditions like ice, snow, fog and rain, speed traps come in as saviors making conscious movement, creating awareness of their speed limit.

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On a final note, we would only like to say, without you truckers, life is indeed a mess.

Always support the solution, not the cause!

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