End the Myth List; Unveil The Truth!

You must have come across the saying,” If you’ve got it, a truck brought it” is almost cent percent true. Myths are many about truckers but they are nowhere near truth. It’s time to deflate, pass and worn out falsehoods. These trucks, running on the highway, driven by professionals in order to serve the nation, deliver goods on time and safely. Let be day or night, hauling ever halts. Keep reading to know the myths exist in trucking and also the reasons provided.

Myth 1: Truckers are Dangerous and Are the Main Reason for Most of the Accidents

Actually, truckers focus on safety first. Trucks are 3 times less likely to be in an accident than a car. Approximately, around 2.4% trucks are involved in all car accidents. Trucks are required to meet stringent standards and 4 times more likely to pass safety inspections than cars. So they never come in the category of dangerous and truckers are not always responsible for the accidentstaking place on a highway.

Myth 2: Truckers Are Drug Addicts

Well, this is the best myth anyone can think of. However, trucking is “DRUG FREE”, which is the first truth. Each trucking companies is assigned to take up drug test each year for the drivers working in their firm. In this session, if a trucker fails the drug/alcohol test loses his/her commercial license and is fired from the role immediately without any second thoughts. Companies are liable to be fined up to $825,000 if a trucker fails the drug/alcohol test.

Truck driversare tested by law enforcement officers, without any probable cause. In the year 2009, around 1.4 millions of drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of alcoholic drinks, but only 6% were truckers. So this speaks, trucking is drug free and truckers are not drug addicts.

Following are the reasons for which a trucker can lose his/ her job as well as their commercial truck driving license.

  • Being behind the wheels under the influence of drugs/alcohol
  • Refusing to take up the drug test
  • Involved in crime related to drugs
  • A felony involving any vehicle
  • Moving out of the crime scene
  • Causing fatality with negligence of any vehicle

Myth 3: Truck Drivers Live Just Above The Poverty Line!

Truckers work day and night not because they want to earn more, just because they love their profession, their nation and the work they do. Dedication and pride takes over as well. Truckers own 30-35% more than U.S. median salary of $44,389. At Massachusetts and Washington, D.C., truck driver’s annual earning is around $59,000. While talking about New York truckers, they make around $60,000; Wyoming truckers can expect $61,000 annually and professional drivers of Mississippi earn approximately $68,000 per year.

Myth 4: Men Rule Trucking, Women Simply Tag Along

The fact is thatwomen are great truckers. Around 200,000 lady drivers drive long hauls and they are likely to pass the commercial license exam on the first try than men. They don’t violate traffic rules nor do have many accident cases. So there is no reason why we should not tell women truckers are better than men. They are good in their own way.

Myths can never replace the truth. So all you heard and thought about truckers may not be right. Do cross check before you conclude on anything. Truck drivers are precious; don’t forget that they run the nation.

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