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Types Of Vehicles Filed Under Form 2290

Welcome to our blog, filers. Today, at ThinkTrade Inc, we are going to talk about different kind of vehicles can be filed through form 2290. Obviously, taxable vehicle are one among them. Let’s get into the depth of the subject to understand the vehicles and the criterion’s for filing tax. Continue reading

30th April Stands As The Due Date For IFTA, Excise And HVUT filers

April is the month of due dates and there are not many due dates you need to remember. However, there are different forms you have to remember. One of the important form is for excise tax filers to get their excise tax filed through form 720. This quarterly filed federal excise tax is filed by the end of each quarter to avoid penalties and interest. The first quarter of the year, 30th April is not too far from our calendar and that reminds us that you have to file your tax return by the due date.

Excise tax is applicable for business or providing sales of goods and services of any of the listed products in form 720. The tax is included in the goods purchased by the customers like gasoline for your car. When you pump fuel in your car or buy flight tickets, you are paying for the service offered, which includes the tax rate as well. Continue reading

Are You Following Us On Social Media? If No, Read Through:

For most of us here, social media has become a very important routine of our lives. It has taken our live for a toll, which was totally unexpected. Internet became a mainstream in the year 1998 and since then, our world is changed online. We follow people; we share our word of wisdom and secretly feel happy about the list of followers, viewers and comment we receive. We wake up with these worlds and end our day with them. They are more like a breathing tool for us and thus, they hold the nerve of our lives. Everything that happens in the world are updated on the social media and following them online is the most easiest of the lot, even if you are sitting at the other corner of the world. Continue reading

From driver to leader….

When we recently announced the 2015 Women In Trucking Influential Woman of the Year; there were many comments on social media about the absence of professional drivers from the list.

First, it must be noted that Stephanie Klang, a driver for Con-way Truckload and a former America’s Road Team Captain, was a finalist for the 2014 Influential Woman in Trucking award. Stephanie is a role model and has attained national respect for her skills and professionalism. I would suspect that she could find a position inside the walls of the terminal if she wished, but she prefers to remain behind the wheel. Continue reading