What Are the Dangers of Gas Tank Leaks? Here’s the Answer

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The rate of accidents has rapidly increased and here in this blog we shall talk about the dangers of Gas Tank Leaks. According to the recent study, U.S. Fire Departments and National Fire Protection Association responded to an average of 287,000 vehicle fire each year, causing an average of 480 deaths in civilians. However, driving with leaking fuel tanks in big rigs and buried heating units pose a huge safety risk to drivers and families because of the flammability of the fuel.

Blaze Combustion:

We all know the most common risk associated with gas tank leaks is fire. There is a major threat because the fuel used is highly flammable and can react anytime if there is a spark. If there is an accident and the fuel tank is damaged, the leakage eventually starts and the possibility of the catching up with fire increases. For heating units, the fuel is ignited to generate heat and that’s how the leaking fuel gradually causes fire.

Explosion of Gas Tank:

Even a spark near the leak can ignite with the content of the fuel tank and trigger a larger explosion with the remaining fuel in the tank, leaving its trace behind.  Well, the next question shoots in your mind, what cause the spark? We will tell you. It would be a collision with another vehicle or a piece of loose material hanging from the car near the fuel tank.

However, when it comes to buried fuel tank, an explosion can be usually triggered by a spark when the fuel is combusted for heating.

Contaminating the Environmental:

This has been the problem ever since, as the leaked fuel eventually flows to the local water supply, contaminating the drinking water in the area. Over the time, the water supply gradually becomes a collection basin for leaked fuel and gradually destroys the ecosystem.

With buried fuel tanks, the ecosystem is destroyed as well. If the fuel is leaked into the soil, it leaves the soil contaminated, making it unusable for food production.

Accidents take place almost every day but we have to take some serious precautions to stop them. And this initiative will never stop. We request every citizen of the nation to check their fuel tanks before hitting the road for the day, let be a trucker or a businessman. Small steps can help you in saving a life or two.

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