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Every month is a tax season for truckers. Although we complete our tax payment in the month of July- august, truckers who bring their new vehicle on road any time after the tax season are liable to file and pay tax due by the end of the second month of the first use. The journey to deliveries to the tax season is filed with obstacles of temper flares, incorrect information, tax scams, broken calculators, and mountains of stress so tall they can block out the sun. You WILL survive these obstacles and make it through tax season with a smile on your face.

ThinkTrade Inc owns multiple products for truckers, associations and individuals. And this blog is all about tax survival training.

Lesson 1 – Do Not Become A Big Rig of Stress:

Well, we know the rules and regulations printed on paper by the IRS. But that doesn’t mean, we should stress up thinking all about the IRS. We might even land up presuming IRS as our biggest enemy. We are so wrong. The IRS Is Not Your Enemy. Stress is the only enemy during tax season. It can consume you, influence you, and cause you to lose focus on your tax filing goals. If you are in danger of becoming a big rig of stress, your relaxation solution can be found in Lesson 2.

Lesson-2: Efile On Or Before The Due Date:

It is very important to remember and efile your tax online through ThinkTrade products on or before the due date. Let be filing for a new truck or filing excise tax for your business. We serve our audience with the required application, additional features and customer support during the business hours. There is a lot more that we can deal with. Get in touch with our customer support to know more.

Lesson 2 – Extend Your Tax Deadline:

If you are stressing out about not having enough time to file your tax – extend tax deadline. You can extend your business tax deadline with Form 7004 and your personal tax deadline with Form 4868. It’s easy, it’s quick, and no explanation is necessary for why you need one. Visit our tax Extension Vertical – to e-file an extension and receive an additional 5 to 6 months to file.

Lesson 3 – Get yourself a job when you’re sacked!

Yes, it is true how unemployment can be stressful. Yet, when you have decided trucking as your career option, can be of your help. There is no room for feeling low or unworthy. It’s a part and parcel of life. Simply create an account, look into the requirement already posted, apply your job and wait till you’re approached.

It doesn’t take much to survive tax season stress free. You will make it through this; we trust you!

For more information or for a clear picture, do feel free to reach our Tax Experts. They’re the best people to discuss and add in some potentially in your filing.

For one to one support during business hours, call at 1-866-245-3918 or speak via online chat, or get 24/7 email support at

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