Hold On Your Brakes Truckers, Deadliest Roads Do Exist In America !

Hello truckers, hope you’re doing well. Each week, we write about your experiences and stories, today, we will be sharing something different, something new. Keep reading to know what it is all about!

We all know that making a living in America as a trucker is not an easy deal of task. Filing taxes, meeting deadlines and also share a word of grief regarding traffic and poorly designed roads is common. You might have a list of favorite places to drive in, but today, we will share the deadliest roads of America to drive. According to a survey, highway fatalities have increased by 13.5% in the states, since the first quarter of this economic year.

Are you game for the deadliest places in America? Then go ahead… You would know the truth!

To start with, three California highways top the list for fatalities over the last 5 years with 686 deaths:

  • I-15 in San Bernardino County, I-10 in Riverside County, and I-5 in Los Angeles County. The major attributes can be shared among, overloaded highways, roads not designed to carry the amount of traffic and weight and drivers’ errors.
  • Next in the list is, Florida I-95 with averaged 1.73 deaths per mile as per the recent survey. The traffic from Miami to Broward/Dade is counted as the heaviest traffic in the USA.
  • Texas is not only tagged as the third in fatalities per 100.000 drivers, but the Texas Transportation Commission has approved an 85 MPH speed limit for a 41 mile stretch of toll road despite the concerns raised by the safety groups. This is treated as a sign for many other well reasoned accidents.
  • After Texas ruling the 3rd position, Mississippi, at 2.7 deaths per 100,000 drivers, notifying that this state seems to be a dangerous place to drive! Additionally, with the combination of high speed and low usage of seat belts as main contributors, Mississippi is reported as one of the 11 states who have not outlawed texting while driving. So truckers, next time you drive by Mississippi, do make sure, you got controls on your brakes.
  • However, West Virginia leads the way in fatalities caused by auto/deer collisions. Due to these collisions, around 200+ truckers get killed, almost 10,000 injuries are registered and $1 billion in damages every year.
  • As per the surveys and information collected, Montana has the recorded the highest incidence of DUI (Driving Under Influence) in the country. The road contributes in making the driver feel sleepy and that leads to fatalities. As per the noted information, around 2.45 fatalities have been recorded over 100,000 drivers.

Last but not the least, over the last decade, 325 people have perished on I-26 in South Carolina, the highway, which connects South Carolina’s largest metropolitan areas. As the area is surrounded by pines and slopes downhill from the berms, the death rate has gone up due to hitting trees or rolling down the slopes, blaming the lack of guard rails.

Most often truckers tend to take their rigs for a toll, with higher speeding limits and denser traffic. Most importantly, defensive driving is a skill to be mastered if you’re moving down the most dangerous places in America.

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