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IFTA Taxes are now Due for 4th Quarter of 2018

The 4th Quarter 2018, IFTA Fuel Use Tax falls due now and time to report it with the state authorities. The IFTA license offers several benefits to the interstate/inter-jurisdictional motor carrier. These benefits include one license, one set of decals, one quarterly fuel tax report that reflects the net tax or refund due. These advantages result in cost and time savings for the carrier and the member jurisdictions.

Prepare your State IFTA Fuel Use Tax returns in 3 simple steps, take a print out of it and file it today!. The accurate and fastest website to prepare the IFTA Fuel Use Tax returns online.

Support available all the way to walk-you through the tax preparation process… talk to us at 866 – 245 – 3918 or write to us at support@taxexcise.com. Happy Trucking!

IFTA Q4 Deadline

Error in IFTA Rates Published by the State of Georgia

Do you own a commercial vehicle that moves beyond your state? If yes, you are liable to file IFTA return through your base jurisdiction. For smooth filing of this tax, you should have IFTA license and this quarterly tax return is to be filed in accordance with the gallons of fuels used by motor carriers and the charges differ for all U.S states under the IFTA jurisdiction, published every quarter. In simple words, this IFTA tax involves the total gallons of fuel you purchased from states under the IFTA jurisdiction.
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IRS Shutdown is Over! File Your Nearest Tax Dues On Time

The Internal Revenue Service has called off its 16 days shutdown and begun to function as usual. Read further to know more about the IRS update.

Individuals worried about their refunds can get them on time with the IRS functioning normally.  Additionally, tax preparers and filers can report their taxes both online and offline but, choosing to file electronically can make the process faster and the tax return would be processed automatically. Besides, the live telephone customer support offered by the IRS would be available for customer assistance to help individuals get their queries answered. In addition, individuals need to inquire with the IRS for re-scheduling their audit meetings

The pointers discussed below provide additional details about this IRS update.

  • Individuals filing for tax refunds will get the same, as the IRS starts to function normally.
  • Tax e filing service providers, tax preparers, and Free File would continue filing for their customers and offer assistance on taxes.
  • Individuals and business can choose both e filing and paper filing to report their tax dues.

Tax Dues to be filed by Individuals & Businesses:

  • Truck owners and operators who have used their vehicle for the first time in September need to file form 2290 before October 31, 2013. Filing through Tax2290.com makes the process easy and hassle-free.
  • Individuals and businesses need to file excise taxes for the third quarter and filing before the due date (Oct 31, 2013) can save them from filing penalties and interests. E-filing excise tax can save time and TaxExcise.com is the first and reliable tax filing service provider. Choose us for a comfortable tax filing experience.
  • Motor carriers whose vehicle run in more than one jurisdiction need to file IFTA return before the October 31, 2013 deadline. At TaxIFTA.com, a product of  ThinkTradeInc.com we help tax filers prepare their IFTA at an affordable price.

IRS Services that would be Available:

  • Tax filers seeking help and assistance can get the same through 800-829-1040 number.
  • Individuals can find information through IRS website, as well as access the interactive features for better understanding.
  • The Free file partners associated with IRS would accept tax returns.
  • E filing service providers would accept tax returns filed by individuals and businesses.

E filing is the safe and secure way of filing tax returns and saves time too. ThinkTradeinc.com, the first and reliable tax filing software offers user-friendly features, thus enabling a comfortable tax filing experience. Serving tax filers and preparers from years, we have been recognized for our excellent service.