The Hero Of Snowstorm, Bret Houston

Welcome back truckers. Winters have been the most pleasant season and the kids look forward for the snow, making iceman on the porch, ice skiing with family, throwing jumbo ice balls on friends, making memories. However, the recent snowstorm hitting the nation has shaken up everyone and still people are making their way towards home, some still stuck in school and workplace, grocery shop. Phone lines are jammed like the traffic on road and, the frozen sheet of ice and snarling highways make them wonder how they would over cross this hurdle.

It was not the whole world waiting for their loved ones to return home, but, there were toddlers waiting for their father to return, mothers standing by the window looking for their son/ daughters and praying each minute for their safety. However, these scenes had occurred in Bret’s life before as well and we feel proud to share his story in this blog.

This was no new day for Bret, Bret Houston. He was behind the wheels as usual on time and today was the last day of his hauling, which allows him to go home and see his small 4 yrs old kid, Kyle. He was not surprised as the climate was not so in his favors and predictions were already made by the meteorologist for a snowstorm to hit Deep South, providing everyone room to prepare for their journey. Of course, Bret has seen many storms and really did not care about it. All running in his mind was about Kyle.

The storm was massive, killing 13 people among which, there was a 3 month toddler who had to give up his life as well. Traffic all over the Atlanta, Georgia, National guards were trying hard to bring the scenario under control, while many stayed back in the grocery store till the storm did not subside. It was strange to witness a fountain on 14th Atlanta frozen and covered with ice filling the spot with excitement for kids yet leaving many of them in shock.

However, there was this news aired in radio about more than 3000 kids stuck in school, asking every parent to have faith in the government as arrangements that were made. Bret was hearing this over almost 3 hours but there was no sign of any improvement in either the traffic or rescuing the kids.

Bret was growing nervous as he wanted to do something for the kids but the storm was growling hard. However, not losing hope, he drove hard and there were times when he was jostling with his steering wheel and brakes. Yet, he took an immediate decision to save the kids from those four walls and serving the nation like he did always.

With great difficulty, he reached the school, trying hard to rescue the kids and placing them safely within his trailer. There were the national guards helping him along but as they were many in numbers, throwing tantrums on them, they were not so easy to handle.

His truck was full of kids, crying loud to go home as soon as possible. However, the national guards supplied them with snacks, making them silent for a while. Meantime, Bret called few of his fellow truckers, asking them to drop by to help these tiny toddlers and save lives. Many didn’t turn up, yes handful of them did. Bret was thankful to all of them and rescued every kid out there and handed them over to their parents’.

Bret was, of course, overwhelmed and did not speak much after being a part of this wonderful job.

Today, the same scenario is been reflected on the roads of Atlanta and other parts of America. As the news is widely spread around with the help of Radio, Internet and through all possible media, making it look people still out there looking for help, screaming and rage of fire burning in them as they are lying there helpless.

It is almost a tragic moment for us, but we only hope and pray that everyone should get back to their homes safe and fine, and the storm passing by soon.

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