Agricultural Vehicle- Is There Provision To File My Vehicle As One?

It really doesn’t matter, how many times we file form 2290 but we still have questions related to the form. And there is one such question asked by our taxpayers frequently. And the question is:

Can I File My Vehicle As An Agricultural Vehicle?

Yes, you can file your vehicle under agricultural vehicles only if your vehicle is used for the same. and that is the same reason why you need to categorize your vehicles while efiling form 2290 HVUT online through, a prime product of ThinkTrade Inc. Of course, after taxable vehicles, there is another special requirement vehicle and that is named agricultural vehicle.

Agricultural Vehicles & Higher Mileage Limits:

Vehicles are required to file HVUT are those with taxable gross weight over 55,000 lbs and that travel over 5,000 miles on public highways throughout the tax period.

However, farmers can take a break from tax filing if they are driving an agricultural vehicle. Regardless of their weight, are allowed to drive up to 7,500 miles on public highways each year before having to pay any tax at all! And that doesn’t mean, you don’t have to file form 2290 at all. If your vehicle weighs over 55,000 pounds, you still have to file HVUT and receive schedule 1 copy. However, if your agricultural vehicle will drive fewer than 7,500 miles throughout the tax year, you will owe zero tax when you file! This is known as filing a Category W or a Suspended/Low Mileage Vehicle.

How Do I Know If My Vehicle Qualifies As Agricultural Vehicle?

We have jotted down the points; you need to check to be sure the category of your vehicle.

  1. 1.       The vehicle is used primarily for farming purposes throughout the tax year. That means more than half of the vehicle total mileage for the year must be used for farming purpose.
  2. 2.       And a farming purpose vehicle means a vehicle that is indulged in conduct of a farm. This can include activities such as transporting goods to and from a farm (goods like livestock, produce, animal feed, fertilizer, etc), direct use in agricultural production, or just performing work around the farm like repairing fences, building irrigation ditches, clearing land, etc.


  1. 3.       It is very important to register your vehicle under agricultural vehicles in your state. Although your vehicle must be registered as such, no special license plates or tags marked “agriculture” are required to maintain your status as an agricultural vehicle.

If your vehicle meets the above requirements, then you can file your vehicle as agricultural vehicle with higher limit as well.

While you are filing form 2290 for renewal 2015-16, skip the first “Taxable Vehicle” section of the 2290, and instead enter your vehicle’s information under the “Low Mileage/Suspended Vehicle” section. And be sure you check the box “Used for Agriculture.”

Exceeding the Mileage Limit:

And since your vehicle is registered under agricultural vehicles category W, there are high chances to exceed the mileage limit.

If your vehicle goes over, you must file a Form 2290 Amendment for a Mileage Increase. The amendment is due by the end of the month following the month in which you exceeded the limit. This means that if you went over 7,500 in June, the amendment must be filed by the last day of July.

Efiling with, a prime product of ThinkTrade Inc. is the fastest and easiest option if you wish to have your schedule 1 copy right there in your hand. With tax experts round the clock to support and assist you with your queries, your filing is made much more easier. If you have any questions about E-filing your Form 2290 with a Suspended Vehicle or questions about E-filing a Form 2290 Amendment for exceeding the mileage limit, ping or email our Tax Experts to or call them at 1-866-245-3918. We will be right there, to support you with your queries.

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