File Your Income Tax Or E-file for an Extension Through Form 4868 before April 15th

“Pay taxes to buy yourself a civilization”. A famous saying conveys it all. A very warm welcome to our blog, tax filers. Today our blog post is about form 4868, the Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. April 15th 2014 is the due date to file your income tax return, and yet you are not done with your paper work, you can apply for an extension through form 4868  and ask IRS 6 months of time to file your income tax return. IRS would not notify you if the extension is accepted, however, IRS would get in touch with you if the return is rejected.

Well, do note, this extension does not serve you with extra time to pay your dues, it allows you get your paper work done and file it within the extended due date. While filing an extension for the individual income tax, ensure you pay 90% of the due you owe IRS for betterment.

Here’s the list of forms you can gain extension through form 4868:

Tax Form 1040

Tax Form 1040A

Tax Form 1040EZ

Tax Form 1040NR

Tax Form 1040NR-EZ

Tax Form 1040-PR/ Tax Form 1040-SS

However, individuals who are out of the country on the regular due date of the return, yet a U.S. citizen or resident; qualify for Special Tax Treatment and get 2 months extension to file income tax without even requesting for an extension. The extended due date would fall on June 16th 2014, Monday.

Special Tax Treatment is for individuals who reside outside the States and U.S citizen or resident may qualify for the same if they are meeting the foreign residence or physical presence test. However, do note, if you are not expected to meet the test by the due date, you can file an extension through form 2350, Application for Extension of Time To File U.S. Income Tax Return before the extended due date expires.

You Are Out Of the Country If:


  • ·         You residing outside the States and Puerto Rico and your main work place is outside the United States and Puerto Rico, or
  • ·         You are in military or naval service outside the United States and Puerto Rico.


If you qualify as being out of the country, you will still be eligible for the extension even if you are physically present in the United States or Puerto Rico on the regular due date of the return.

Now the question comes, how do you file your extension? Well, we will tell you. There are two methods to file your extension, one is paper file form 4868 and mail to IRS and the other one is use services and stay benefited, leaving penalties behind.

Paper filing is always a tedious task, with the major deadlines and workload in hand. In such times, e filing through an authorized service provider like comes in for your rescue.


Benefits gained for filing form 4868 via


  • ·         We are certified and authorized by IRS
  • ·         You can receive your acknowledgement Text And Fax Alert through us regarding your return
  • ·         File an extension in minutes at a very affordable cost
  • ·         A combination of user-friendly application and customer support, providing you the finest
  • ·         You pay for what you use, no hidden charges applied.
  • ·         Last but not the least, we ensure 100% customer satisfaction


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