Heavy Vehicle Used Tax Is Due For First Time Used Vehicles By 30th September

So truckers, today at ThinkTrade Inc we are going to discuss about form 2290. And this stands as a reminder for truckers and owner operators to file and pay their HVUT for the newly used heavy vehicles. If you have bought your heavy vehicle weighing more than 55,000 pounds, you are liable to report and pay your dues through form 2290 to IRS by the end of the second month of the first month of use, which means September 30th stands as the last date for reporting vehicles first used in August. It is mandatory for trucker or owner operators to pay their dues.

It is believed that, the heavier your rig, the higher taxes you are owe. And this is because, these heavy vehicles cause most of the damage and the funds collected through form 2290 is directly contributed on for the wear and tear of the highway.

So assume, if you have taken your vehicle out for the first time in the month of August, you are liable to pay form 2290 by the end of September for your vehicle. The tax would be calculated based upon the weight of the truck. And if you belong to this category, drop by to Tax2290.com and file your return before 30th of September to avoid heavy penalties coming your way.

However, do note if you fail to pay your dues online, you owe penalties, which would grow heavier with the delay.

Other than that, this is an important to remember that, if you own more than 25 heavy vehicles in hand, you need to e file your return online through an authorized efiling service provider like Tax2290.com, a prime product of ThinkTrade Inc.

We are serving our audience since a real long time and the exposure directly to the requirements of our customers have allowed us to understand and showcase the same through our strong efiling platform. We have the every possible feature that you would look around to get your taxes filed with ease and in minutes.

With the fast moving life, we really don’t have time to sit behind the wheels and figure out the taxes we owe and calculate on your own, checking for errors. And here comes, efiling as your rescue partner to get the tension erase totally, providing you a chance to sit back and enjoy the effortless filing in minutes.

Also, we support full service option for truckers who are very busy behind the wheels. All you need to do is, inquire about this option to our Tax Experts and they would tell you the procedure how to take it forward. Once you are done with the understanding of the methodologies followed, you would receive your schedule 1 copy in minutes through Fax or Text Alert if you had requested. Or you can find your acknowledgement receipt in your registered account with Tax2290.com.

We hold your account as record keeper as it is one stop solution to check through the details, documents and schedule 1 copies for your previous filing. If any of the proof of payment receipts are missing, you know where you would find them all.

Get in touch with our Tax Experts feel free to call us @ 1-866-245-3918 or send an email to support@taxexcise.com. We’ll be more than happy to support you.

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