Keep Your Car Clean and Reduce Your Tax Bill the Eco-Friendly Way

Easy ways to save a bit of money on taxes are always relevant – and one surprising way to do so is keeping your car clean. Having a smooth, freshly-waxed car creates less air resistance, meaning your car works less hard, and therefore burns a smaller amount of fuel: so you pay less in fuel tax. Keeping the clutter out of your car reduces the weight and has the same effect.

For those who are thinking about their environmental footprint, reducing the amount of fuel you use through improving your fuel efficiency is one step to making your car travel more environmentally friendly. But it’s also important to consider how you are cleaning your car in aid of this – what method you choose and the cleaning products you opt for also have environmental consequences.

car wash

Water wastage

You might be forgiven for thinking that commercial car washes use loads of water and nasty chemicals – when actually, the Clean Water Act of 1972 stipulates that they have to drain it properly into sewers, or recycle the water. Each wash only actually uses around 45 liters of water. In comparison, washing at home with a hose will use 100-140 liters. If you’re keen to save money and wash your car at home, use buckets instead – which should reduce your usage to 60-80 liters.

As you’re likely to be washing your car on the drive or sidewalk, you’re not going to be properly filtering and channeling away the runoff. This makes it important to choose environmentally friendly car cleaning products; many regular household products cause problems in the water system like making wildlife sick or water bodies unsuitable for swimming. There’s plenty of eco-friendly options for waxes and buffers to get that go-faster shine without harming the planet.

An inside job

Keeping the inside of your car clean is important too; reducing the waste and junk you’re carrying around means a lighter load and better fuel efficiency. Regularly take any rubbish out of the car – this will also help reduce the need for chemical air fresheners. Try and wipe over the dashboard and doors weekly with simple soapy water to keep on top of any grime without the need for harsh chemicals; and vacuum up any dirt and crumbs often as well. Mixing up some natural cleaning products with essential oils and kitchen cupboard ingredients like vinegar or lemon juice is a great way to keep things more eco-friendly.

Keeping your car clean might seem like a bit of a chore, but can really help to improve your driving experience, lower your impact on the environment, and keep your bank balance a little healthier through greater fuel efficiency – and mean you pay less tax; so it’s time worth investing.

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