Never drive alone – WIT App

The trucking industry is a close-knit community, especially for professional drivers. However, sometimes a familiar face may be hard to find when you’re out on the road.

Now you can know where your friends are through the new Women In Trucking (WIT) app by Trucker Sam. Currently available in Android version (IOS coming soon!), this app allows you to connect with your friends in real time. When you stop for the night at your favorite truck stop, you’ll be able to open the app and see which of your friends are in the area.

You determine who can see your location, so you can have family members track you as well. Your kids (or grandkids) can see where you are and your spouse will know when to expect you for dinner.

You’ll feel more secure when you know the location of your loved ones and how far away they are at any time. Even better, you can click on the app to call them or send them a message. You won’t feel alone on the road anymore with the Women In Trucking app by Trucker Sam.

In addition to locating your friends, you’ll find other resources on the app. You can join (or renew) your membership to Women In Trucking Association or call us with the touch of a button. Read this blog on your app or check out the latest news or read about the newest member of the month.

You’ll also be able to connect to other members through the organization’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube social media accounts. This is the ONLY 360 degree solution for professional drivers. Not only can you connect to your friends and family, you’ll have needed resources at your fingertips.wit-app

Whether you are looking for the nearest truck stop, a Walmart store, or ATM, you’ll find all of these services on the WIT app. You’ll be able to connect with truck repair locations, towing services, tire repair shops, pharmacies and medical centers with one click.

Your family members can use the app as well. Home contractors and tips are under the “home services” area. Working capital, job boards, and even loads can be found in the WIT app by Trucker Sam.

Recently we added a link to Truckers Against Trafficking so you can help a victim with the push of a button.

If you’ve got some down time, you can play games, watch funny videos, or listen to the radio on the app as well.

You don’t need to be a member of the Women In Trucking Association to download the app, but joining is easy and only $25 annually for professional drivers. As our community grows, more services will be available through the WIT app.

Download the Women In Trucking app by Trucker Sam now and start connecting with your family and friends. Go to for more information or download the app in Google Play (Women In Trucking app by SmartBUZZ, Inc.)


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