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Before the invention of technology, tax season was always hectic for taxpayers as they have to pay and file their taxes through paper and accuracy was one thing that kept everyone bothered. However, with online gateways adding ease to filing, each year, millions of truckers opt for pre filing form 2290. Additionally, they can stay benefited with the dash of discount. Isn’t this call for pre filing in the last hours of occurrence?

OK, so if you are a trucker and you are likely to carry 55,000 pounds or more during the taxation period, you are likely to file taxes through form 2290 before the due date. And if you are ready with your documents and need your schedule 1 copy much before anyone else does, you can pre file form 2290 and avail 10 % discount on efiling service fee by applying coupon code “LEADOFF14” to stay benefited.

However, if you own more than 25 heavy vehicles, you are mandate to file form 2290 online in order to receive schedule 1 copy. IRS recommends every taxpayer to e-file form 2290 online in order to reduce the workload and simply stay updated about the new technology.

If you are wondering how efiling is different from pre filing, we will tell you.

There is no major difference as both are supported through the same server. However, pre filing means, filing before time even before IRS opens the gateway for accepting form 2290. When you are pre filing, you need to log into, the prime product of ThinkTrade Inc. and simply add in the vehicle details requested by the application. Don’t you worry about the calculations, as our inbuilt software will calculate your dues most accurately as and when you type in the details.

And once you have provided the information, you can click on “Error Check” so that you don’t provide IRS any reason to reject your return. Also, cross check the VINs and EIN entered in the application and you know what you are suppose to do next? Apply the coupon code “LEADOFF14” to enjoy the benefits on efiling service fee.

Whats more, you can reach our customer support and Tax Experts for more assistance. Dial @ 1-866-245-3918 or simply write to us to We would be right there to support you with your queries.

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