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Celebrating Due Date Week For Tax 2290, IFTA And Excise Tax At Thinktrade

Working upon our schedule is now a routine and thus, breaking free from the schedule was almost a motive here at ThinkTrade. And that made us wonder, if at all we can celebrate “Due Date Week”.  The sole purpose to celebrate Due Date Week is to set a benchmark for our fellow filers to remember and efile their tax return by this week, and relish the idea of celebration.

What is the Due Date Week all about? Continue reading

Features Applicable After You Efile With Tax2290.com

The New Year fever is dripping down. Let’s get working! Last week, our post was about full service option for filers, who are ripped with their busy schedule and really have no time to stand along with the crowd and report IRS tax forms.

Although, we know efiling is the method that can let you avoid penalties and wastage of time, there are people across the globe who wishes to choose paper filing as their method of filing. Of course, the decision lies within you and we duly respect that. However, we are here to provide you with options, a better alternative and various opinions for a better tomorrow. Continue reading

Efile Your Tax Return On Your Terms With Full Service Option

Each time we answer our customers through chat, email or phone call, our customers tend to ask us “Can you Efile tax on my behalf? I’m kind of running late.”

 Well, the answer is a big YES. ThinkTrade has furnished its product with a variety of features and one among them is Full Service Option. Keep reading we will tell you more about this particular feature. Continue reading

Form 720 Excise Tax- Air Transportation Taxes

So filers, we are going to talk about the Air transportation tax that is included in Excise Tax (part-I). The tax included in the list is percentage tax and domestic segment tax. To get the total tax on transportation of people by air, you need to add the percentage and domestic segment tax. However, do note, the percentage and the domestic segment tax do not apply on the flight if the surtax on the fuel used in a fractional ownership program aircraft is imposed. Continue reading

Stay Reliant On Full Service Option At Tax2290.com

So filers, how is trucking treating you? With a new month dropping into our calendars, it is important to note, December end would be the due date for filing for the new vehicles. Ensure you file your prorated tax by the due date or you will be liable to pay penalties for the same. Continue reading

Your Previous Form 2290 Return Was Rejected? Here Is The Reason Why

Trucking is one such profession that survives on very few predictions. From climate to the delivery time, the show runs on assumptions and hope. There are time when you have to spend time in your rig for weeks and days together. However, in such times, if taxation period slips into our calendar, you don’t have to worry. Tax2290.com is one such service provider that serves you round the clock with your specific requirements.

However, today, we are going to talk about the reasons why IRS rejects your filed return: Continue reading

Due Date Reminder For Irs Form 2290 Taxpayers

Welcome back truckers, hope you are fit and fine. Hope you have filed form 2290 for the year 2014-15 and if you have not got your hands on HVUT yet, let us remind you, today is the last date for filing your return with no penalties getting involved.

Don’t get yourself confused, the due date for this year is 2nd of September as the actual due date was falling on a weekend. As per the books of IRS, if the due date falls on a weekend, the next business day is treated as the due date and that is why, 2nd of September is the last day for filing HVUT online or paper file. Continue reading

Pick Full Service Option As The Mode Of Efiling Form 2290

So filers, hope you are aware that you have only 7 days in hand to get your form 2290 return filed or you know what are the consequences you need to face. Filed directly to the government, IRS would take action if there is a delay. And we are sure, you don’t want to face such situations. Continue reading

Are You Wondering Filing With Tax2290 Is Secure? Here’s The Answer

Heavy Vehicle Used Tax is the tax filed through IRS form 2290 by the vehicle owners and truckers if their rigs weigh more than 55,000 pounds and commute through the public highway. It is believed that these heavy vehicles cause most of the damage and these funds collected as tax is directly invested in the wear and tear of the highway. Continue reading

Efiling Extended Weekend Support By Tax2290 Tax Experts

So truckers, tell us what makes you stick on to your profession even after understanding the hurdles and problems coming your way? And did you know, this dedication and attitude holds on as our inspiration to run the show even more effectively? Well, that stands as the main reason for our success. Filers across the nation come over and file their HVUT taxes with Tax2290.com. Reasons are many, which one would you like to hear. Continue reading