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File HVUT Tax Return On July 4th And Celebrate 237 Years Of Freedom

With the end of pre filing season, the brand new tax season has dropped into our calendars. If you have not pre filed your return or missed a VIN while pre filing form 2290 for the year 2014-15, this is the right chance to relish another discount on your efiling service fee by applying the coupon code “FREEDOM14” only at Tax2290.com. This offer is applicable from tomorrow, i.e. 4thof July till 13th of July. Continue reading

Pre File With Tax2290.Com Today!

Not every time life runs the show according to us. There are major twist and turns, which eventually tunes our journey better. However, today, our luck is at its best, providing you the option to pre file form 2290 online with Tax2290.com. We know it is a relief when you receive your schedule1 copy after filing your return online. However, we have something different to offer you. Though you are safely filing through our servers, IRS do not accept any form 2290 return before July 1st and hence, we would hold upon your returns safely until IRS opens its gateway for filing. And we promise, you will receive your schedule1 copy by July 1st week. Continue reading