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With the filing deadline close, here’s why taxpayers should e-File

IRS in its recent issue (Issue Number: Tax Tip 2019-34), highlighted the importance of electronic filing and how this efile could be a saver with the deadline fast approaching, here it is.

A few taxpayers still use the old-school method of filing their tax returns: on paper. For these people, now is the time to consider filing electronically. With the April tax deadline right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to use IRS e-File.

Here are the top six reasons why taxpayers should file electronically in 2019:

It’s accurate and easyE-File helps taxpayers avoid mistakes, such as a transposed Social Security number. Taxpayers who e-File receive an acknowledgement from the IRS within minutes, telling them their return has been accepted. If a return is rejected, the acknowledgement will detail why the IRS rejected the tax return. Continue reading

Farmers, fishermen face March 1 tax deadline; IRS encourages convenience of IRS Direct Pay

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service reminds farmers and fishermen who chose to forgo making quarterly estimated tax payments that they must file their 2018 Form 1040 along with a payment for all taxes owed by Friday, March 1, 2019.

This special rule normally applies to taxpayers whose farming or fishing income was at least two-thirds of their total gross income in either the current or the preceding tax year. Farmers and fishermen choosing not to file by March 1 should have made an estimated tax payment by Jan. 15 to avoid a penalty.

IRS Direct Pay is safe, free Continue reading

IRS Videos help taxpayers learn more about tax reform

The IRS has several videos that can help individual and business taxpayers learn more about the tax reform legislation. The IRS posts these videos on the IRS Video Portal and to their YouTube channel. Aside from these sites, the IRS offers tax reform information on its other social media channels, such as Twitter and their new Instagram account. Taxpayers can visit the Multimedia Center on IRS.gov for links to all the agency’s social media sites.

Here are some of the tax reform videos taxpayers can watch on their computer or on their smartphone when they’re on the go. Continue reading

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