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Spice up Father’s day with surprises

We are well aware, trucking isn’t an easy task. Hard work and dedication whipped with tight schedules and less sleep just to make sure the load heavy. The service these dedicated truckers provide does not benefit only our families but it is also included as an integral part of our economy.

Father’s day is round the corner, show your father how much you care and appreciate his hard work. A token of appreciation through an amazing gift will do wonders. Truck fathers, sit back and wait, gift will roll your side by the weekend.

XM/Satellite Radio

Being on road all alone is boring indeed. This may also make the trucker fall asleep while driving. It is difficult to keep a track of new frequencies and with time, they keep going on and off which is frustrating. What would be better than a satellite radio meeting your needs and you enjoy your trucking journey. There are stations dealing with trucking, turn on to channel 128 which provides news and info for truckers, or choose your favorite station and enjoy your journey all day and night long.

In-Truck Kitchen Accessories

While being on road all day, you can surely not get all the comforts of home but by putting together amenities like a mini fridge, hot plate, slow cooker and coffee pot to stay healthy and enjoy home-made-food rather than stopping by the truck shops and fast food restaurants. This will let your truck father to stay healthy all day and enjoy his meal.

Smart Gadget

Pretty much with the technology, you can gift your dad a tablet or laptop which provides him the opportunity to surf the web and relax after a long journey. Wi-Fi is available for free everywhere. So this will make your journey enjoyable, eliminate boredom and time can be killed easily. Another advantage of gadgets is to e-file returns online throughm.tax2290.com. This is the mobile version of tax2290.com through which your father can file taxes online without any hurdles to cross and eliminating the wait.

Sleeper Cab Fan

Trucking is not based on timing, any day and any time truckers have to drive miles and miles, which includes sleeping in the truck which is sometime really awful. A sleeper cab fan can surely help by providing the best sleep and stay fresh on the roads. Even accidents can be controlled when the trucker rest well.

Electric Blanket

With the weather changes, no one can predict what a will it be like in the nights. It might be warm, hot and sometime chilling. In such cases, an electric blanket can keep the trucker’s temperature in check; keep him warm and toasty providing sufficient rest as required.

Plug-in Coffee Mugs

After a peaceful sleep, the first thing in the morning is a cup of tea/ coffee whichever is preferable. Some coffee mugs are plug-in so they can be charge and let the element stay warm for a quite awhile on the first leg of the day.

Pressure Relieving Cushion

T.R.U.C.K.I.N.G sounds simple and interesting but long hours of continuous sitting will make the journey uncomfortable and sometime painful. To get relief from pain, gift the right cushion and make a huge difference.


Satellite radio can be great but books cannot be left behind. If you have tried reading books while you are behind the wheels, stop doing that. It is indeed dangerous and can bring in destructive results. An audio book can provide you with the best of both the worlds. There are many applications which can provide you with the various audio books and kill your time.

Spa Coupons

Truckers’ job lies behind the wheels all day, traveling from one destination to another, moving out from one client to another. Irrespective how many hours and miles are crossed each day, body ache and crave for some rest. There are restricted movements within the seat. So here, kids gift your dad a massage certificate to ease the pain and make him feel relax again.

Bonus! A favor of deed

If you feel all these gifts will not make a difference, you can surely take a call with E-filing for your father. U.S truckers are required to file their return on Heavy Vehicle Used Tax orHVUT every year. As this is pre-paid, you can take a chance. Get the important documents from your dad and choose an authorized service provider like tax2290.com to file your return. Oh yes, you can always rely on our support team in order to get your way clear when you are stuck with anything. We will help you with every important support required. The new 2290 tax year for 2013-14 is round the corner, you can start your 2290 filing from July 1st 2013. E-file your tax return and get your stamped schedule-1 copy in minutes.

Well, this will be the biggest gift for your dad. We can assure you one big task for the year is over…

Sunday- 16th June is not so far. Time to buckle up your shoe and run down the streets to choose the gift you would like to surprise your dad with. Truckers, you may be on road, behind the wheels or at home relaxing,Tax2290.com wishes you a safe and prosperous Happy Father’s day.

You serve the country with all dedication; you serve your family with all attention… We are honored to honor you this day. Happy Trucking Fathers!