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Tyrone Malone- The Innovated Trucker

Tyrone Malone- The Innovated Trucker

Tyrone, a well know trucker, spent 20 years of his life on the road. For 17 of them, he worked with Bandag, one of the largest international haulage companies. In 1963, he came up with a new, bizarre and ultimate plan to bring in a change for betterment. One evening while sitting in the bar, he mapped out his plan on a napkin in attempts to cajole his friend, Warren Foletta, nodding his head with his crazy plan.

Story of the Whales and Trucks:

Tyrone thought of a fantastic idea of combining trucking and marine in order to create awareness with haulage work. Remember his crazy plans? His bizarre thoughts were rotated around a Sperm Whale, freezing it and hauling around the world. And that’s exactly what he did.

Excited Tyrone approached the sea caption and hired his services along with a boat. He also acquired whaling permit from US Department of the Interior to go ahead with this plan. Things were framed in his favors, soon he moving towards his mission.

He zeroed to a 20 ton whale, bought it back to the shore and froze it. Finally loaded it into his truck, it had embark on 30 year haulage work mission that helped him in crossing the world with this little whale, Irvy in tow.

One thing about Tyrone no one would miss, he was a good at salesmanship at heart. He managed to convince sea captains, Governmental Departments and haulage companies to aid him in his mission. And fortunately, everyone did. May be they were witnessing a potentiality in Tyrone. Later, he approached Kenworth, a trucking company, to allow him to use their 1967 10-wheel truck. He built himself a trailer to carry Little Irvy and everything was set.

With time, Tyrone and Little Irvy made their way through the USA, Canada and Europe, halting at fairs and car shows and the magnificent sight of a Sperm Whale in a truck was observed at 35c per view.

Tyrone saw it for the whole family; men enjoyed checking out the truck while the women would not get their sight away from the magnificent marine creature. Things were shaping well, much more to come. His desire of combining the marine life with haulage companies, Tyrone caught cold of hauled 3 sharks, which were frozen and displayed the same like it was for little Ivry.

Tragic End of the Legend:

After attending a meeting at Phoenix to discuss and plan out to create a ‘Trucking Hall of Fame’, Tyron felt asleep when behind the wheels while returning. He tragically left the world and the plans to create a trucking museum he planned to display his trucks and the frozen animals was never given power. All that is left as a testament to Tyrone’s life of brilliant haulage work is the 20 ton frozen whale, Little Irvy.