Women truckers, The Empower Behind The Wheels.

In the present scenario, there are around 8 millions licensed CDL drivers in United States and among them; 4.5 millions are active truck drivers. Professional truck driving or on-the-road trucking has always noted as a field dominated by men, a cross board for women. The rough and tough trucking life is assumed to be handled well by men, real men… Well, times are changing!Women are equally strong enough like men to handle the roughness of trucking and they do a great job indeed. It was since 1929, when women actually stepped in trucking and changed the trend, mindsets of people. Lillie Elizabeth Drennan was the trendsetter and the first women to receive her CDL license. She was born in 1897 and lost her hearing ability, result of scarlet fever suffered some years ago. She wore a hearing aid throughout of her life, much confident about her driving skills. Lillie was noted as rugged women, driving an old Chevrolet and carrying a loaded revolver all the time. She joined with her husband and started a trucking business in March 1928, adding up more trucks and drivers.

Lillie Elizabeth Drennan was not only the first one to receive her CDL training license but also the first female trucking firm owner in the United States. Till she was alive, her records were clear despite of her hearing ability. She received many safety awards from the Railroad Commission and the Texas Motor Transportation Association.

She died in the year of 1974 leaving her imprints of trucking and encouragement for women to join the men’s world.

After Lillie left, women truckers were in great hype. Men counterparts were not ready to accept the fact that their own lady would become their competitor. However, with time, they realized that these incredible women can handle big rigs with the power of their determination and abilities.

Today, there are nearly 170,000 women truckers, making 5% of U.S Trucking jobs. By the end of this year, the number is likely to shoot up higher. However, this is something to wonder: What motivates these women to opt for such a profession leaving the general work place? Well, there are many reasons for them to choose a profession like trucking. The main cause is the feel of independence and irrepressible challenges of truck driving jobs. Another reason would be the wage-earning factor, which attracts most women.

The rise of women entering trucking industry has paved way for new and innovative organizations like National and International Women’s Trucking Association, encouraging new, bold and efficient truckers to be a part of this field. Also, women are opting for leading roles such as management, safety, dispatching, sales and recruiting.

Among these women, mother truckers are the one actually doing a fantastic task. They deal with their personal life and framing their professional life, simultaneously. However, not every woman can become a trucker but when you can do it, go for it! Agreed, the demanding lifestyle and workload is sufficient to drain out your energy levels but nothing comes easy in life.

It is good to be well aware about the industry before you step in. Understand your role and aspects of trucking life before coming to a point. Women truckers are safe on road but which profession does not encounter danger and hardships?

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