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An Update On The Due Dates For Excise Tax, Form 2290 And IFTA

Trucking is such a profession, where nothing can be greater than the dedication. If you are not strong in these areas, you will not be able to sustain for more time. However, these factors would eventually come to you if you stand strong with the will power to stick around trucking. Of course, you will face possible hardship, however, at the end of the day you win the battle. Continue reading

IFTA Q2 Preparation With TaxIFTA.com

So truckers, welcome back. Hope you are doing good and pink of health. We know the hard work you are indulged in and we duly respect you for what you are doing to keep the nation going. However, today we are here to remind the IFTA filers to prepare and file their return for IFTA second quarter and avoid penalties. Continue reading

Types Of Vehicles Filed Through Form 2290

A warm welcome truckers, trust you are pink of health. The tax season has already dropped into our calendars. With only one month and handful days in hand, it is the best to file much before the due date.  For obvious reasons. And of course, you will have your schedule 1 copy within minutes.

So today, our topic of discussion is about various types of vehicle for, which the taxes are filed through IRS form 2290. Taxable vehicles are one among them. The list is not long yet, it will allow you to understand your vehicle better and so the filing of taxes. Continue reading

Features Offered By Tax2290.Com- Part I

The tax season for the year 2014-15 has dropped by and 14 days passed by. Back to back, offers allowed truckers and owner operators to stick to filing form 2290 at a discounted rate. However, the trend of offers are over yesterday and if you have missed the offer, you still can file form 2290 on Tax2290.com, the most trusted and authentic service provider serving since decades. Continue reading

What Happens When You Are Filing Form 2290 At The Last Minute?

A very warm welcome, truckers. Today, we decided to talk about the scenarios we would come across during the tax season. The very first scenario for the blog is, filing taxes at the last minute. Well, yes, most of us have the tendency to delay filing taxes. Thanks to our tight schedule. However, we never encourage our customers to file and pay their form 2290 at the last minute, as it is not such a clever idea to do so. Continue reading