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List of ThinkTrade Inc’s Services – You Need This Month!

ListThinkTrade Inc is authorized and certified by IRS to offer e-filing services for federal excise and extension taxes. There are various Tax Forms, Supported by ThinkTrade Inc under the banner of www.taxexcise.com / www.ExtensionTax.com / www.tax2290.com . One can say for sure that there are no months without some or the other tax deadline. Right now we are in the month of April and we know that there is a huge list of tax Forms that are due this month.


Below are the lists of Tax Forms that are due this Month, than can be filed through ThinkTrade Inc’s Line of Applications: Continue reading

Services Offered by ThinkTrade Inc.,

ThinkTrade Inc. started in 2002 has grown leaps and bounds ever since. Headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, we offer high-end technology solutions and services. Since its inception, we have left our imprints behind, working harder towards one goal, customer delight.

ThinkTrade Inc. operates across onsite and offshore locations and comprises of dedicated professionals, industry leaders with years of expertise and knowledge. The remarkable industry experience has made us impeccable and one of its kind. Continue reading

Forms due by this Month with Think Trade’s Line of Products

www.taxexcise.com, a product of Think Trade Inc., A BBB accredited, IRS authorized E-file service provider for all kinds of Excise taxes like Form 2290, Form 720, Form 8849 etc. The following article describes about the Tax Forms that are due by January 31st 2016. Continue reading

31st October 2014 is the Last Date To File Form 2290, Q3 IFTA and Form 720

October is the month of due dates, and with that, we would like to remind Tax Excise filers to get their excise tax filed through form 720. The Quarterly Federal Excise Tax is filed by the end of each quarter to avoid penalties and interest for late payment. However, for the 3rd quarter, the due date is 31st of October 2014. If you have not filed yet, feel free to drop by TaxExcise.com and pay your dues online in seconds. You will receive your acknowledged receipt in seconds. Continue reading

Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return is due by 31st October 2014

C’mon excise filers, gear up for the third quarter Excise tax Form 720 filing . Before the date reaches our calendar, it is our duty to pay the dues to the IRS and leave behind the penalties. Excise tax is paid by businesses and companies who are directly involved in buying and selling of products. Form 720 is also known as Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return. Also, do note, there are no extensions available for filing form 720 and this means every taxpayer have to file their return on or before the due date in order to avoid penalties. Continue reading

Excise Tax Return is Due by April 30th, Efile with TaxExcise.com today

Greetings from ThinkTrade Inc, hope you are doing good. Today being Tuesday, our team has decided to make this day efficient by passing on the message for Excise Tax filers about the due date for filing Form 720, the Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return. Form 720 is for businesses that are dwelled in sales of goods, services and products. Usually, the taxes are included in the goods the customers purchase like gasoline for the car and when you pick up your flight tickets. This tax is paid by the businesses who are dealing with gasoline and airlines. Continue reading

IRS Excise Tax Form 720 – Section I

Unlike other taxes, the Internal Revenue Service implies excise tax on manufacturers and businesses involved in the sale of goods and services. Filed on quarterly basis, this IRS form consists of two sections i.e. Part-I and II therefore, tax filers should make the right choice when filing the tax return. Many people hardly realize that they are paying excise tax, as the amount is deducted from the goods they purchase. When filing excise tax form 720, it is advisable to opt for online service through an authorized e filing service provider to ensuring a hassle and error free filing. One of the convenient options is ThinkTrade Inc., the first IRS certified e file service provider. Read below for additional information on IRS form 720. Continue reading

E-file Form 720 Now with Flat 50% off

720-discountHere comes the biggest block buster Discount of the year, from the best in the business in E-filing Excise Tax Forms to the IRS. Taxexcise.com the first ever IRS authorized e-file service provider Offers a Flat 50% discount on the e-filing service fee for IRS Form 720 to the benefit of its customers. Existing customers and new filers can make use of this Discount offer. It’s the same great service at a much lesser price.

Form 720 is used to file Excise Taxes like Environmental tax, Communication tax, Air transportation tax, Fuel tax, Retail tax, Ship passenger tax, Manufacturers tax, Foreign insurance tax and Floor stocks tax. Filling out the Form 720 by paper is a time consuming task and some serious calculations involved in it as well. Taxexcise.com has simplified the process and has completely eliminated the calculation part by adding an inbuilt Tax calculator, which does the entire math for the filer.

E-filing is the process of Filing taxes electronically to the IRS for which one has to go through a E-file service provider like Taxexcise.com. Showing Gratitude to its customers Taxexicse.com has slashed their E-filing fee by 50% to E-file form 720. This website always stays updated with the latest changes made to the tax form by the IRS. One such example is the Indoor Tanning tax and Medical Devices Excise tax added to the application. These are the latest additions to the tax forms Part II. Taxexcise.com is already equipped to file for these taxes and also certified by the IRS to E-file for the same.

The website’s customer service has been rated #1 by excise tax payers and has always met their expectations. E-filers can reach them @1-866-245-3918 or write to them to support@taxexcise.com .