Are you ready for 2290 eFile? Four best practices for maximizing your 2290 return acceptance by IRS in one go

Electronic filing is the fastest way to get your returns processed by the IRS. For many owner operators and trucking businesses, 2290 tax reporting is crucial and IRS watermarked Schedule 1 proof is required to register the vehicle with the state authorities and to renew their permits. You don’t want to wait the whole day at a taxpayer assistance center to report 2290 taxes? then move on and choose efile for convenient and comfortable filing.

Remember IRS is encouraging every trucker and 2290 tax filer to choose eFile for faster and accurate filing, and also to receive back the IRS watermarked schedule 1 proof in minutes. Those days are long gone. Today 50% of the 2290 tax filers choose electronic filing, where IRS mandates efile for carriers reporting 25 or more trucks in a return.

Pro rated taxes are also due now for heavy motor trucks that is first used in October 2019 for the first time on a public highway since July 2019. November 30 is the due date and start with eFiling at ordering online in October or earlier, and they keep spending until after those post-holiday sales are over. 

eFile allows you to spend time with your business fortune and we take care of your 2290 filing needs. There are four best practices to get ready and maximize the chance of obtaining IRS watermarked Schedule 1 proof in one go.

Getting Started with 2290 Tax Filing:

Have your 2290 tax related information ready before your start preparing the 2290 tax returns. Such us the Business Name, EIN or the Federal Employer Identification Number, Vehicle Identification Number and the Taxable Gross Weight of the reporting vehicle.

EIN is a must to eFile 2290 tax return with the IRS, if you don’t have one apply online and obtain instantly however it might take upto 15 days to have the details show up in IRS records to start efiling. You can not use SSN or any other reference numbers to eFile. Always use your legal business name in the tax return and do not use a DBA name. IRS might reject your return for name control issue.

Minimized Human Error:

Always choose efile to prepare your tax returns by yourself at or, When you prepare your tax returns online you just need to answer simple questions to get it completed in minutes. Online tax preparation will not miss out any important information in your tax return, minimize possible human error.

eFile is required if you are reporting 25 or more vehicles on Form 2290. IRS encourages eFile for all for faster processing; you can receive a watermarked Schedule 1 within minutes. To avoid problems, ensure the watermark on your Schedule 1 is legible before submitting it to your state’s department of motor vehicles. You may need to reprint with fresh ink or on a different printer to ensure a legible watermark.

Choose Electronic Funds Withdrawal:

IRS has multiple payment options to pay the tax dues and choose EFW or Direct Debit to allow IRS to withdraw the tax amount from your bank account. You need to share the bank, account number and routing transit number, IRS can directly debit the bank for the tax you owe.

Many users opting to pay using EFTPS or Credit/Debit card option has to make this payment separately by accessing different websites. However EFW can allow IRS to directly debit the money from your account, easy and straight forward. EFTPS needs to have an enrollment already done to operate it, it might take upto 15 days to set up a new account. Check or Money order, 2290 V – Payment voucher has to be attached along with the check and mail it to the IRS. Why to complicate it when you have the simplest and easiest way to pay the taxes with the IRS.

Claim your Credits when reporting tax

When you owe a refund claim on a traded or sold vehicle or for a low mileage vehicle or for over payment of tax due you can adjust it while reporting 2290. Yes, say you have a low mileage claim from a previous year on a vehicle, add that claim while you report 2290 for the new tax period and adjust the claim with your tax, if any balance then just pay that. Why pay the full tax and wait for the credit. When you have a sold a old vehicle and bought a new one, add this sold credit along with the 2290 tax return that you do for the new vehicle ad adjust the claim against the tax due. Talk to us and we shall guide you to use electronic filing effectively.

2290 Call Support Team and have a dedicated and experienced team to handle your 2290 questions. We can walk you through the process step-by-step to efile it. Our experts can also file 2290 on your behalf by collecting your information and share with you the Schedule 1 copy to your email. Why waiting? start experiencing the difference with efiling at and