Excise Tax Return is Due by April 30th, Efile with TaxExcise.com today

Greetings from ThinkTrade Inc, hope you are doing good. Today being Tuesday, our team has decided to make this day efficient by passing on the message for Excise Tax filers about the due date for filing Form 720, the Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return. Form 720 is for businesses that are dwelled in sales of goods, services and products. Usually, the taxes are included in the goods the customers purchase like gasoline for the car and when you pick up your flight tickets. This tax is paid by the businesses who are dealing with gasoline and airlines.

If you belong to the world of businesses and have been indulged in providing services or goods or sales of products listed under the form 720, you are liable to pay excise taxes on or before the due date i.e. falling on 30th of April 2014, that leaves you with 15 days in hand. So come over, file form 720, and pay your dues before the due date, or penalties would come your way. We know how difficult it is to deal with them.

As the form is divided into Part I and II, each part has its own set of liabilities that includes from environmental tax to sales of sport fishing and archery, inland waterways fuel use taxes. So if you are liable to file form 720 for any of the services or goods you sell, you are liable to file and pay your dues.

Now you would be wondering do you get any grace time to file your return. Well, no. you have 15 days in hand to file your return with no extra time allotted by IRS to file and pay. That is something you should not feel bad about as the concept goes this way, the faster you pay the workload goes lesser.

We have discussed about form 720, who needs to file and much more, but we never told you about the methods you can opt for filing the form. Keep reading to know more.

Initially, when IRS started the system of collecting funds for various reasons, the only method of filing taxes was paper filing. Even those days it was a tedious task, however, people did not have any other option to go with. Though paper filing was time consuming, they had to pay taxes and get their dues cleared by IRS or penalties would come along, which is not so welcomed.

However, with the technology growing vast and in its own pace, Efiling was another method introduced by IRS in order to reduce the workload for these filers. This seems to be the best method to file your tax return as you get the opportunity to file from anywhere, anytime without paying anything extra.

Being busy in your professional life, due dates would simply slip out of your mind and you would not have much time to file if the due date is round the clock. Here comes efiling for your rescue.

What Is So Different About TaxExcise.com?

TaxExcise.com, a prime product of ThinkTrade Inc is different in every way from other service providers. We treat our customers as our family, we serve you the best and the last, we respect the trust you invest in our application. Having varied customers across U.S, we have unfolded a user-centric application for easy efiling tax return, with in-build features that would indeed allow you to file at ease. We have handpicked professionals at our end to support you with your queries, help you in filing your tax return and ensure 100 % customer satisfaction.

TaxExcise.com has always encouraged our customers to file and pay their return online much before the due date. There is a reason behind that. If your return is rejected for various reasons, you have sufficient time to make the amends and re file it again to avoid penalties coming your way.

With the ever-growing tough competition, we have learnt to survive through thick and thin, ultimately sustaining our leader position. We are proud service providers, calling in for more people to efile their excise tax return with us. For assistance, get in touch with our Tax Experts @ 1-866-245-3918 or shoot a email to support@taxexcise.com. Join our family; you will not regret your decisions.

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