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IFTA Filers Prepare Your Return Online By April 30th Only At TaxIFTA.com

Welcome to our blog filers. The month April has always been a hectic for filer as IFTA due date for the first quarter is falling on 30th April 2014. So this means that you got only 9 days in hand to file and pay your dues to your base jurisdiction before the due date. Continue reading

Excise Tax Return is Due by April 30th, Efile with TaxExcise.com today

Greetings from ThinkTrade Inc, hope you are doing good. Today being Tuesday, our team has decided to make this day efficient by passing on the message for Excise Tax filers about the due date for filing Form 720, the Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return. Form 720 is for businesses that are dwelled in sales of goods, services and products. Usually, the taxes are included in the goods the customers purchase like gasoline for the car and when you pick up your flight tickets. This tax is paid by the businesses who are dealing with gasoline and airlines. Continue reading