Hardship of truckers, their experiences!

In this fast moving world, we have witnessed that truckers are the most dedicated, hard working individuals, keen on sharing their lives at the service of the nation. From flatbed trucks to tow boy trucking, these individuals have faced all the ups and downs of trucking, experiencing what is hardship and smiling at the cost of their lives.

Driving the 18-wheeled rigs is not an easy task; it requires a lot of your self-confidence, perseverance and love for the nation and when these elements are on a ride, trucking is not the profession. Sometimes, we see truckers simply join the profession, thinking they would easily fit in as they love driving and proud about the fact that they can drive one. It is not always possible that you can drive rigs if you know how to drive them. You need the enthusiasm; dying passion for the nation to do something, to be committed and stand straight at any circumstances coming your way.

According to a spectator, branding of the company is also important and so the training aspect. Some truckers are very courteous and very respectful, rolling with the same logo on their vehicle and make people believe that truckers are very courteous and fit in the profession perfectly.

However, truckers don’t expect big name and fame but only respect and love from their co-travelers. Driving 18-wheeled trucks is not an easy deal and sharing the road with co-travelers is difficult but not impossible. We have noticed that, truck driverstend to get annoyed often when a 4 wheeler cross them. You know why? They don’t respect truckers; they think trucking is a simple task, not like the way professionals at office. Everyone got their own emergencies that do not mean you got the rights to put someone down and make way for yourself?

Coming back to the notion, Professionals do toil at office so does truckers. Best part about trucking is that truckers do not make their profession look like a work-to-be-done. Their work is treated as their duty and responsibility rather than simply a task for the day.

Truckers are one such people whom you can rely on. Let be help from them, sharing news and details, or directions to reach your destination. As they’re behind the wheels all day, all alone, they like when someone interacts with them, a special like feeling.

While coming to accidents, they do take place while rolling but cannot blame the truckers for every mishap taking place. Handling 18-wheeled rig, moving through narrow roads and delivering goods on time is complicated, difficult and complex deal. Yes, being responsible and sustainable driver are the main traits but when luck does not support you, whom would you blame?

On the other hand,women truckersare doing an excellent job by handling the task behind the wheels. They seem to be well organized and serene. However, they got lot of issues to handle, on and off the road but who gives up here? Every day is challenge, face it or escape. According to the ratio, women are more in number when compared to men despite of the hardship trucking owns.

When you audience don’t support and respect them, why should work day and night? Did you ever think what would happen if trucking halts? You would not get what you want. Heard of the saying, if you’ve got it, a truck brought it”. Thank and respect truckers for what they are providing the nation with. If you cannot, don’t crib when truckers don’t haul as usual.

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