Tax Santa Has Already Arrived With New Surprises, Meet Him at

Christmas trees, Santa and the carols… They seem to almost exist every year and sometimes, we always look forward for changes in the stereotype celebrations. So here, our Tax Santa has come with a change, putting forward interesting offers to make your Christmas much more special than it used to be. Yeah, it is even hilarious to think our tax experts in Santa attire, with the mini Santa cookies decorated on trays, snowflakes on the ranch and branches and the sky, sinking in the world of blue, we’re actually doing what we’re supposed to do. Serve you!

Other than that, we also like to thank you for being with us, all the while let be any season, spring or no spring… you have always invested your trust in us and we only wish you do the same till the end. ThinkTrade Inc. gives you the assurance that you’re at the right place, right investment.

Keeping in mind the importance of this festive season, we have come up with new and unique offers to simply add new zest, at the same time maintaining it transparency. If you got to file HVUT, Form 2290 Amendments, Form 720 or IFTA, all you need to do is apply “SANTA2013” and avail flat 20% discount on your excise tax e-file preparation fee, additionally, enjoy other offers as well to make it more than special for you and your family.

However, ThinkTrade Inc. is the owner of all tax products, which includes and IFTA as well; this offer is applicable for these products alone. As you know, this Christmas offer cannot be combined with any other promotion, as the journey of surprises is likely to start by 00:01 hours on December 18, 2013 and closes at 23:59 hours on January 1, 2014 only for the mentioned forms. Also, the winners will be elected randomly and notifications will be sent across through phone call or email the very next day, i.e. January 2 2014. And to know more about the “Terms And Conditions” you can check here and return back to us for more queries.

As the festive is round the corner, we bet pets are going crazy with excitement, lights, and decorations and of course, new outfit for them. It fun to be with families once a while, holding them much more ahead of other priorities, making them feel special, your world and showcasing nothing beyond really matters, let be your own profession or passion.

In such cases, we come for rescue. As tax experts and an understanding friend, we know how difficult it is to even jot down every minute behind the wheels and complete the deliveries much before time to spend time with your loved ones.

If you don’t have sufficient time to go online and type in the details for filing your taxes, then our Tax Santa will take the responsibility. Get in touch with us @ @ 1-866-245-3918 or shoot an Email to and share with us the details. You sit back, with a drink in your hand and making up for all the lost moments with your family, and the same time, get your tax return file online within minutes. If you ask for Text Alert or Fax Return, you would receive them almost immediately once IRS accepts your return.

This is only a token of respect we pay you for the years of trust and affection you have towards the products of ThinkTrade Inc.

Nevertheless, we know how different it feels when we check our calendars, waiting for D-Day, wall clock running on its own pace, clicking around, and every family would have already started deciding how to celebrate the evening, making it more intense. But before that, we would like to wish you “A Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year”. Hope this year brings in all the happiness you looking forward for, letting our association should grow stronger with time, adding more sunshine to your life. Happy Day Truckers.

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