Truckers, Know More About DOT Regulations For Pull Behind Trailers

Welcome back our sophisticated truckers… We have always been authentic and simple, just to keep your interest prolonged for a while; and we’re glad we have been succeeding every time. We choose topics which would sustain and signify your passion, trucking. So today’s topic is all about Pull Behind Trailers and DOT regulations for the same.

Well, these pull behind trailers are subjected to the standards set forth by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In the title 49 of the United States Code explains that the administration and auto manufacturers must meet the standards, which are set by the administration. However, these rules are set in order to protect the public from unreasonable risk.

We shall discuss about the regulations below, in detail:

Rear Impact Guards:

As per the rules passed by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on the standard Numbers 223 and 224, the trailer requires to have rear guards installed if the Gross weight is likely to be more than 10,000 pounds. The sole purpose of this regulation is to lower the number of injuries and death that are associated with collisions of smaller vehicles than larger vehicles.


The next in the list are lights. According to the standard number 108, the trailer is required to function with original or replacement lights. This also applies to lamps, reflective devices and other devices associated with the lighting system. Also, the pull behind trailers should have working rear lights, turn lights and brake lights.

This is important because a properly functioning light system increase visibility and also allows the co drivers to turn, brake and understand emergency signals. As we know the lighting places a role in the night as the visibility is limited. However, these lights will allow other drivers to spot the trailer and move smart.


After discussing the light requirements for trailers, next come tires. According to standard numbers 119 & 120, it is important to choose appropriate tires for your trailer. It also essential to note, that the trailer should be of sufficient size, carrying appropriate load rating, rims of the particular size, type and identification.

Moreover, the exact type depends on the type of the pull behind trailers. The main purpose of choosing the standards is to ensure that the tires are chosen properly for better, safe operations of the trailer.

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On a final note, we wish you a happy weekend and peaceful nights. We know you have been working hard to make  ends meet!

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