Trucking Authority, Do You Have One?

Hello Truckers, a warm welcome to our blog. We’re glad that our blog posts are dedicated to you. Today we shall speak about trucking authority and their deals. Any company that engages in commercial “for hire” transportation for passengers or goods in interstate commerce should own proper operating authority. However, this authority is regulated by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) which accepts applications given by companies wish to provide their service in interstate commerce. FMSCA issue an authority in the form of an “MC,” “MX” or “FF” number, which indicates the type of operations the vehicle will be involved in, the cargo it will carry or persons, where the company is located and services it can provide.

Operating authority includes the requirements for the level of insurance and financial responsibility the company is obligated to maintain.

Various Kind Of Authority Granted:

FMCSA grants trucking authorities depending upon the different and specific type of operation. However, some of these types include authority for motor carriers to transport general commodities and passengers, companies domiciled with Mexico, freight forwarders and freight brokerage. This authority does not include household goods transportation.

Trucking Authority Requirement By Other Companies:

Companies which are operating as freight brokers or freight forwarders are also required to gain a trucking authority from FMCSA.

Who Are Exempt Companies?

Well, within this category, carriers which are likely to cover the federal recognized commercial zone or private carriers’ deals with exempt commodities are not required to gain a trucking authority.

Commercial Zone and Exempt Commodities:

However, we spoke about what comes under exempt commodities and what deal with commercial zone, but to understand it much clearly, keep reading.

According to FMSCA, a commercial zone covers multiple states bordering in one major metropolitan city, such as Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.

Talking about exempt commodities, these goods are not federally regulated and thus, they’re not counted.

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